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How to Check for Firmware Updates or Update your LG SmartPhone [PC ONLY]

Ok so people may not know this at all, some people don't even know where to find drivers for their phone. LG made an easy tool to get drivers and check for firmware updates for any LG Smart Phone with a tool called "LG Mobile Support Tool". It can be used to update the phone to the newest firmware that LG has for the phone. This may not work for discontinued phones such as the LG Optimus V and S because those phones have been discontinued by LG, and I have checked their servers, it is not there.

One important thing before you use this tool, if you have changed the MEID/ESN/IMEI on the phone to another phone that is not the same model number as yours, it will:
1) Say there are no updates even when there is one.
2) Download the wrong firmware and possibly give you a soft brick.

Download the tool here:
Download LGMobile Support Tool Free - Update the drivers on your LG phone - Softpedia

Here's how to get drivers:

Step 1: Open the program


Step 2: Click there


Step 3: Choose carrier of phone (carrier the phone was made for).


Step 4: Double click Model Number


Step 5: Drivers will download and you will need to follow directions from the program.

How to check to see if phone is up to date:

Step 1: Open the program


It will either say

This (No updates):


Or This (Yeah updates!! :D):


If you chose to update it will back-up phone info and apps (only if you are running a stock/stockish-like ROM)


Then it will download the firmware update:


Then your phone will go on a screen similar to this:


While your computer does this:


Once that is done, phone will reboot normally. And the program will tell you you are up to date:




If your phone starts bootlooping because you were on an operating system different than what you're phone is supposed to run (i.e. stock is froyo, custom ROM is gingerbread), you will have to perform a factory reset using the hardkey combo. Refer to your User Manual which can be downloaded with the LG Mobile Support Tool. You will lose all info if you have to do this, but it only applies to phones that have a custom ROM.


#1 sammyz, Sep 24, 2012

btw latest version 1.6 now.
#2 horsecharles, Sep 26, 2012
What phone?
#3 sammyz, Sep 26, 2012
I have the LG Esteem and I downloaded the drivers. I did everything exactly how you had it but when I opened to see whether I could update, it didn't see my phone. I tried to redo it a few times and it never worked. Could it be because I plugged it in as a usb and changed the name? Is there anything I can do?

Quick note: should I even try this? I just got it a few days ago.
#4 DarkHuntress, Sep 28, 2012
Did you install the drivers? The MS910 drivers are the drivers YOU were supposed to install...
#5 sammyz, Sep 28, 2012

If I update my Lg thrive, will it be locked again? I bought an Unlocked LG Thrive 506 !! My fear is it will be locked if update...is it possible?
#6 debkol35, Oct 7, 2012
It will still be unlocked.
#7 sammyz, Oct 7, 2012
damn !! LG thrive has no update of 2.3 !! Though they mentioned that it is upgradable to Android 2.3 in their site !! :(
#8 debkol35, Oct 9, 2012
LG said that about a ton of phones....
#9 sammyz, Oct 9, 2012
Sorry I missed this..the esteemed esteem
#10 horsecharles, Oct 11, 2012
I think the poster was referring to LGMobile Support Tool. The latest version is (Beginning of thread refers to version

#11 Carol2, Oct 17, 2012
Nah he already relied the esteem.
#12 sammyz, Oct 17, 2012
Yeah, but the version number of 1.6 refers to the software, not the phone, right? Or am I missing something?

#13 Carol2, Oct 17, 2012
He said it updated his phone to 1.6, so I'm assuming he's talking about his phone.
#14 sammyz, Oct 17, 2012
Oh, ok. Well, I downloaded and installed the software yesterday so I can confirm that the current version of LGMobile Support Tool is also

I guess it is a mighty coincidence that both the phone and the software have the same current version number. :)

#15 Carol2, Oct 17, 2012
Hi Sammy,

I'm wondering if the the LGMobile Support Tool is necessary. I received an LG update this morning via Wi-Fi.

#16 Carol2, Nov 5, 2012
Sammy, I just noticed that in the subject line of your original post, at the end, it says "[PC ONLY]". Was that there all along, or did you just add that, LOL?! Sorry I missed it if it has always been there...

#17 Carol2, Nov 5, 2012
yes it was....
when you do OTA updates, you dont follow this guide.
#18 sammyz, Nov 6, 2012
I can't seem to update my phone. The Android version is 2.3.4, and the LG updater doesn't work at all. I've installed the LGl54C druver, which is the Model number of my phone, and it always fails saying that it is icorrect or something.
#19 Kaoruko, Nov 25, 2012
Where is it failing at? To read the phone or flashing the firmware???
#20 sammyz, Nov 26, 2012
No matter how many times I have installed the drivers "successfully", the LG Mobile Support Tool will not recognize my phone when it's connected. I'm not sure what I may be doing wrong here, if anything. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
#21 CleverSleazoid, Dec 21, 2012
Did you try restarting your computer? And what phone do you have??
#22 sammyz, Dec 21, 2012
Yes, I have tried it after restarting my computer but still haven't had any luck. It doesn't matter if I choose "Charge Only" or "Mass Storage" after connecting my phone to my computer, either..it doesn't work.

My phone is an LG Optimus Slider (LGVM701).

I suppose it could save some trouble of figuring this out by asking if I am even able to update this phone, in any way, through the Support Tool. I have tried updating on the phone itself but, since I've had it, it has apparently been up to date. I don't have actual service on it though, I can only use it when connected to wifi.
#23 CleverSleazoid, Dec 22, 2012
Ah, it's a virgin mobile phone, yea probably not ever gonna work. Virgin likes to be an OTA update only company....
#24 sammyz, Dec 22, 2012
I have followed the directions, updated drivers and can see my phone on the computer when plugged in with usb. but the tool never shows it as connected and that is where I am stuck. Rebooted both computer and phone to no avail. I have the LG Motion 4g with Metro PCS.
#25 davie261, Dec 23, 2012