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Support how to disable proximity sensor?!

Is there any way to disable it? I put a body skin on it and its barely off center off but its enough to cover the sensor so when i'm in a call its constantly black and i can't do anything :mad:. I would just take the skin off and put it back on but i was stupid enough to put it over my invisible shield and im to paranoid to put any more water on my phone and wait another 24 hours.

So is there anyway to disable it or do anything?


#1 Dukeblue, Apr 23, 2010
not that i know of. probably with root

im curious though. what does water have to do with anything?
#2 andrizoid, Apr 23, 2010
Hit volume up or down and it should turn your screen on while in a call? Quick fix maybe..
#3 rmartin27, Apr 23, 2010
My phone actually is rooted with 2.1 rom. But as far as this having to do with anything with water i mean if i took off the skin i would have to take off screen protector and to put the screen protector back on i would have to put water on it again? i have a zagz invisishield btw.
#4 Dukeblue, Apr 23, 2010
And no actually the volume down or up doesn't work either i can't do anything when im in a phone call no buttons do anything. thankyou for trying though rmartin
#5 Dukeblue, Apr 23, 2010
If you turn on the speaker, the sensor will be turned off. meaning if you cover it the screen wont turn off, at least on 2.1 root it does this, I don't know about 1.5.
#6 T2noob, Apr 23, 2010
That's odd..and your welcome. I gave you what I had in mind. Hope you figure something out
#7 rmartin27, Apr 23, 2010
Where is this sensor located? :thinking:
#8 Lenco, Apr 24, 2010
Its on the top left of the front screen it looks like a circle sort of you should notice it. But okay turn speaker on. okay that may be what i was looking for thank you.
#9 Dukeblue, Apr 24, 2010
try the app Screebl Lite
#10 mc48, Apr 24, 2010
if it goes black and doesnt come back on when u pull it away from you press the track ball it should come back on, if not hit once the unlock and it should return to normal.
#11 kissfan_88, Apr 24, 2010
The proximity Sensor on my HTC Desire died. The work around is to install an application that stops the screen blanking. I installed the app below and it fixed the problem.
Proximity Screen Off (Android) - Download
You do need to be careful when using the phone not to press the screen where the buttons are active.
#12 pavnospam, Jan 20, 2011
this has helped me...

i had a bug where my screen wont wakeup when im on a call and while screen being off the call ends.. then no matter what i do it doesnt wakeup.. only an interrupt will wake up the screen... not even the subsequent call wakes up the screen.. the ringtone used to sound.. but no way to accept or deny the call.. when the call ends up as a missed call then only the screen wakes up..

thanks this app came to the rescue mysteriously..

thanks screebl...
#13 ashjas, Mar 10, 2011
these sensors must be heat activated. I have damaged my phone and the sensor engages but wont' disengage, so i have to remove the battery, but usually it gives me the opportunity to select loudspeaker, which disengages the sensor as if your on speaker, you wouldn't have the phone next to your face...BUT, today, in the boat, it was hot and when I went to use the phone, the screen automatically went blank, the sensor engaged. Its then i figured out it works on heat (body heat when you use it normally). Put fone in the shade, let it cool down, and it was normal again...

PAVNOSPAM...where did u find that app, and how do i load it onto my phone, do i save it on my pc then dl onto the phone? if so, how do i activate so new to android!
#14 buck56, Apr 2, 2011
i cant seem to be able to locate this app, is it only applicable to HTC, as Im running an xperia phone.
#15 buck56, Apr 2, 2011
Go to the phone dialer..... then open settings by clicking on left down corner button on your phone.....then uncheck the proximity sensor....
#16 sourav075, Apr 2, 2015
Mine is toast after screen replacement. Hit power button twice- screen will come back on 5.0.1 Samsung S4. Works in Google Hangouts or regular dialing.
#17 striider, May 8, 2015