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How to dismiss "No SIM Insert SIM Card" Error

I am a PagePlus subscriber who just bought myself a Samsung S4. It's a big upgrade from my previous phone but when I swipe down from the top to show the system-summary screen, there is an error message

Insert SIM Card

The S4 does have a slot for a SIM card and it would be used if the phone had a service plan with LTE data, but PagePlus doesn't offer that so no SIM card is needed for my service. Therefore the message is correct but it doesn't represent an error for me.

I'd like to hide the message. My phone is rooted. Can anyone help me figure out how to hide or dismiss the message?


#1 kaiserbrug, May 7, 2014
You can try this:

Remove No Sim Card Icon from Taskbar

Must be Rooted

Use BuildProp Editor here to edit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/srnoi9qwzg...p.editor-1.apk

Ad the Below line to Build Prop at the very bottom


Tap Save and reboot

(credit: Viper32 @ XDA)
#2 micallen, May 7, 2014
Thank you, micallen! Your instructions worked perfectly for me. I downloaded "Build Prop Editor" by JRummy Apps, directly from Google Play Store, instead of following your link. (Maybe it's the same app, I don't know, but Play Store had a few to choose from.)

I really did try to answer that question by myself, by the way. It's a difficult thing to search for because there are a lot of people asking about that error message, but for everyone else it's a real error because their card is malfunctioning or their phone isn't reading it correctly, so the answers were always about those issues, not about how to just hide the message.

#3 kaiserbrug, May 7, 2014
Sweet ! Glad it worked for ya !
#4 micallen, May 7, 2014