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Tips How to enter letters in phone dialer

I have an XT910 retail.en.EU Razr Maxx running Android 4.1.2.
When calling someone and are asked to enter my post code I cannot find how to enter letters instead of numbers in the dialer. It has the letters shown in grey on each pad but can find find no way to switch to these letters.



#1 razrclive, Sep 13, 2013
I'm pretty sure ur just supposed to enter the number that is on the same button as the corresponding letter. For instance if u need to input the letter B u wld hit number 2,if need letter T, hit number 8,and so on...
#2 djclemon, Sep 13, 2013
If I hit the numbers 1 to 0 buttons all I get is the number not the letters.
Have tried holding down the button for a few seconds but does nothing. Have tried tapping the button multi times like on my normal house phone nothing but numbers come up . Need to know how to select the greyed out letters on each button.
#3 razrclive, Sep 14, 2013
Ur trying to make a phone call? Letters mean/do nothing with making phone calls, I'm not sure y you wld have a need to choose an actual letter while making a phone call?
#4 djclemon, Sep 14, 2013
Just yesterday when calling the electricity company about a power cut I was asked to enter my postcode so they could narrow down their search. As my post code includes letters as well as numbers I could not so they could not give me the info I wanted.
Also on my old Nokia dumb phone I could switch to letters easily just by tapping the wanted button rapidly. They have this option in the texting keypad so can't see why they can't use the same in the phone keypad. Also why display the letters on the buttons if they cannot be used?
#5 razrclive, Sep 14, 2013
1. When they ... how are they doing it? Don't they take calls from land line phones ... how is it entered on then? If the communication is through the Internet you can type in letters and numbers using the QWERTY keyboard.

2. The letters are there because that is the way it is on dial phones and then on touch tone phones. The codes are used a lot. When those other codes are setup they don't try to distinguish among the three or four characters on the same number.

... Thom
#6 Thom, Sep 14, 2013
I'm guessing this was an automated system you were calling? Did you try entering with the corresponding number? For instance if you're zip code was 23p6g(totally made up) you wld have entered 23764.... Most automated system understand that you mite not be able to type in a letter, so they will accept the corresponding number that is on the same pad as the letter
#7 djclemon, Sep 14, 2013
Thanks for that helpful info will try that next time asked to enter post code or anything with letters. But would have been nice to have the same options as when texting with the up arrow to change from numbers to letters.
#8 razrclive, Sep 14, 2013
My phone company ask me to fill in details I want for my voice mail - many of which need letters.If I want a C, I press 2 - which is an A ... If I press 2 3 times, I get 3 As... I think all the answers I have read ignore this situation !
Th Help on my phone can't find anything.
#9 Geoff Hands, Feb 9, 2015
Call a company with my zte tracfone (on Verizon?). Directory said enter 1st 3 letters of name. 'Bar' could not entered. 'B' equaleded 22.
Your forum said about enter #key that letter is on. Called back. 'Bar' entered as 227, directory said Barb. That worked.
If both a Barb and a Cas on directory I don't know what would happen. Give choice of the 2 ?
#10 johnraven, Jul 8, 2015
I am understanding that you use the number on the key of the corresponding letter. So if you have the letter a,b or c you would use 2. How ever I would like to create a password with a symbol as # or & or at one bank I am able to use a space. You cannot enter any of these on your phone key pad can you?
#11 TomSp, Apr 18, 2016
I am understanding that you use the corresponding number for the letter as if you password has an a,b or c you would use 2. However I would like to create a password with a symbol or space such as # or % or just a space (as one bank lets me do). I would not be able to enter any of these on a phone key pad would I?
Thank you,
#12 TomSp, Apr 18, 2016
Recently I had a telecaller verification from one of the mobile network company. Initially there will be some voice recorded to state press 1 for switching language options etc.. Later for the call to get connected there was a voice stated to enter the last four digits of my PAN card as a proof that I had submitted. The last fourth digit was an alphabet. So, I didnt know how to type the alphabet on a dial pad. Infact, there was no option at all in any android phones. This is something that creates confusion for the people think that they can type alphabet as it is seen on dial pad but the option not available.I think this is the one which the developers can look into and build something which can be more helpful when things like confirmation calls require. Please suggest me with regards to this.
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#14 Turnerooneville, Sep 11, 2016