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Support How to get free hotspot on 60$ plan?

Can anyone tell me if this is possible, rooted or not? I would like to know before going back to the 50$ a month plus 5$ for hotspot as well as deciding whether to root my phone.


#1 Sasuke082594, Sep 12, 2013
I have the L9,i share a plan with my mom and brother me and my brother have the $50 unlimited plan and i use the hotspot and they don't charge extra
#2 bossmaster, Jan 11, 2014
i tether to my other android phones
ijust changed a build prop line
something like - provision tethering= false
to true
then use foxfi
havent tried connecting with my laptop yet
#3 rhino889a, Jan 11, 2014
Worked like a charm but I can't play online in the PSN. Must be a firewall issue or something.
#4 Sasuke082594, Jan 15, 2014
Your plan is not unlimited.
#5 Sasuke082594, Jan 15, 2014
I hope we can get the PSN blockage sorted out inside the system files as well.
#6 Sasuke082594, Jan 15, 2014
i have 2 other tricks for Throttling and Data records, These i think i will have to give in pvt message. not sure of the rules
#7 rhino889a, Jan 15, 2014
Can you PM them then? I don't get throttled so that's not an issue. I have an issue connecting to PSN games for online multiplayer. Notably Killzone on the Vita. I believe it is connection-side.
#8 Sasuke082594, Jan 15, 2014
I've come to a conclusion, with reasons of course, that Metro has blocked all ports on their service. I tried to use the PlayStation app on my nexus 7 using the hotspot and have failed. Where as, I've used the same app at a local hotspot and even at work and it connected. The same thing on my LG L9, no dice over Metro's service. Now I understand why my PS Vita can't use most services online. Most notably the online MP functionality. Maybe I can call metro and ask them to unblock these ports without them knowing I'm using the hotspot.
#9 Sasuke082594, Jan 18, 2014
Will it even tether at all on the 60 dollar plan for you? I have the 50 dollar plan with the 2.5 gb cap that asked me to purchase the hotspot add on for 5 bux. If you get the 60 dollar plan will the phone even allow it to tether at all? I think if it does I can just use a vpn?
#10 alphamale1, Jan 21, 2014
Using the build.prop method mentioned above, you can get free tethering on the 60$ month plan and no cap on data.
#11 Sasuke082594, Jan 21, 2014
this is also what i did
go into airplane mode
the go to data/sysyem/netstats
delete all files
change data/system/netstats folder permissions to read only
everytime you boot you will have fresh data records (0)

remove All permissions to this folder and the files inside
this seems to remove temporary throttling on large file downloads

reboot and turn off airplane mode
#12 rhino889a, Jan 21, 2014
So basically if you do this and you g to the metro site will it show that your bandwith cap has reset? what do you have to use to change permissions?

#13 alphamale1, Jan 21, 2014
Hate to sound like an idiot on this but can you explain how you did that. I installed the app but not sure how you edit the build.prop
#14 alphamale1, Jan 21, 2014
Also have you guys tried the stuff mentioned here at all? apprently metro looks at what browser you are using as well?

How to Tether a MetroPCS / T-mobile Phone Hotspot with Windows 7 | Technology| Detroit Dads
#15 alphamale1, Jan 21, 2014
oh i forgot
also changed
net policy lines
metered.... from true to false
infered ...from true to false
#16 rhino889a, Jan 21, 2014
Are these in the build prop as well? What kind of benefits do they provide?
#17 Sasuke082594, Jan 21, 2014
When using foxfi is it suppose to turn the metro 4g hotspot app on as well I see when I run that it basically just send that info to the 4g hotspot app? sasuske I assume you tethered to a laptop right and that works for you? no useragentstrings changed or anything?
#18 alphamale1, Jan 22, 2014
I have not connected yet, but it should work. It works for my Nexus 7 and my PS Vita (to an extent)
#19 Sasuke082594, Jan 22, 2014
Ill give it a try, apparently metro detects headers on the browser so if your running an desktop browser it sends you to a blocked page
#20 alphamale1, Jan 22, 2014
About the Vita being blocked online and on some PSN apps and online gaming, I went on the browser using my hotspot after using the build prop line and I'm still blocked, but I can still use some PSN apps and even download off the PSN. I've been able to successfully play FIFA 14 online as well. Maybe once I request the hotspot feature then I can use all services but would need an unlimited 4G hack. Is the one you recommended working?
#21 Sasuke082594, Jan 26, 2014
After trying for 8-10 hours on and off i manage to get tether working only on usb for right now still working on wifi tether.

If im breaking any rules by posting this please let me know.

1. Open up your hidden menu by dialing 3845#*769# on your dialer.

2. Open up WLAN test option then press Upsell option and turn it off. (This is done so you dont get the checking your metropcs account to see if you have a thether plan it well bypass it and turn it on)

But this was not enough still to get it to work.

3. Download PDANET+ from android market and install the pc client on your pc.

4. Now open up Internet Explorer and go to developer tool and look for the tools options/change agent strings and add custom.

5. It well have 2 input options for freindly name add anything u want to call it for User Agent String add the following lines exactly they way it with capitols and spaces included or it wont work.

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.2; en-us; LGMS769 Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30

Once your done press add.

6. Go back to the Tools option in developer tools and change user agent to what ever freindly name you named the ua string that u added.

7. Start PDANET+ on ur android and connect it to your pc and start PDANET on your pc let it connect and go to any webpage to test it and see if it worked.

I took me a while to figure it out and alot of google searching it worked for me it wasnt very fast thow but i got it to tether without getting the UpSell screen. Im still trying to get wifi tether to work well post results if i could figure it out.
#22 jun10r831, Mar 10, 2014
The upsell page is in your phone.
It is displayed by the app called upsell
I uninstalled it from my phone
#23 rhino889a, Mar 10, 2014
I no its in the phone but i rather not uninstall it its better just to turn it off in my opinion or freeze it. But just just sharing to the community what i did to tether its help me out hopefully i could help someone out too.
#24 jun10r831, Mar 10, 2014
Old topic, I know, but I figured I would bump this just to let everyone know that this works like a charm. If anyone is looking for a way to get unlimited mobile hotspot/tethering, this seems to be it! :)
#25 KamikazeK, Feb 20, 2015