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Root How to get rid of Clockworkmod Recovery for good?

Its not going to be as simple as deleting files, you'll need to reinstall the stock recovery.
#2 Rxpert83, Feb 4, 2013
You can try this... worked smoothly for me.
Remove CWM R
#3 GameTheory, Feb 4, 2013
why are you calling it crap??? it works perfectly as it was intended. So whats the issues with it?
#4 PlayfulGod, Feb 8, 2013
agreed... not to sound 'like a dick' but if you cant figure out CWM, then you shouldn't be messing with your device in such a way (root-related) over the years i've seen some different custom recoveries for devices and CWM has to be the most simplistic/easy to understand recovery ever made for a device lol, all you have to do is wipe and flash.. whats the reall issue here? do you actually have metro service? do you have root? do you have a preffered rom? do you have an sd-card? do you have a pc? LOL.. it's easy to get if you have all these requirements...
#5 LDrifta, Feb 8, 2013
As I do not flash ROM, CWR has been useless for me. It somehow got into my phone when I rooted the phone, and it had stayed there since then. It occasionally interrupted reboots and popped up during inconvenient timings. I've never found any use for CWR, so it's been like a factory pre-installed crapware, except CWR is even harder to be remove. I'd been wanting to get rid of it, but always gave up after awhile because the darn thing was like some sort of virus or malware that simply refused to go away. (I know it's not a malware, but it's been behaving like one with its persistence to stay in a system.)

I'm reselling the LG Esteem, that's why now I need to reset and and wipe the phone. I had unrooted and reset the phone, but CWR was extremely hard to remove, (but I finally got rid of it after a whole lot of hassles.) For me, CWR has been like a cockroach infestation that'd been extremely difficult to get rid of, and it has never done anything useful for me. CWR certainly has an ego, otherwise it should have offer an option to let users easily remove it from a phone.
#6 ktchong, Feb 8, 2013
Don't know what you talking about.
CWM R is the best tool you can get after rooting and works flawlessly. It's also really easy to remove.

Perhaps you should stay away from modding your phones altogether.
#7 GameTheory, Feb 8, 2013

CWM is part of rooting, you remove root you remove CWM. If you never use CWM you'd never know it is even there. What do you mean it pops up during inconvenient timings? its not seen unless you go into it. or are you talking about Rom Manager?

If you mean Rom Manager, all you have to do uninstall it through the play store or using root manager go into system>apps and then delete the apk

go here : http://androidforums.com/esteem-all...zr-root-recovery-aio-updated-2-19-2012-a.html

or here: http://androidforums.com/esteem-all-things-root/436718-unrooter-download.html

hope this helps.:D
#8 bnb25, Feb 8, 2013
cwm is not a app you can just uninstall. Its basically its own lil operating system. Its not all that different than the stock recovery except it has more functionality. There are several thread detailing how to installing the stock recovery back, as well as the original AIO root and CWM installer has a option to install stock recovery back. You can also restore your esteem back to stock using the LGPNST/tot or LG Tools/cab methods.

Not to sound mean, but you need to read and research more when you want to mod your device(s) and understand wtf it is you are doing to it.

Personally I would have just left cwm on the phone. ;)
#9 PlayfulGod, Feb 9, 2013
unless you are turning your phone in for a warranty issue. Leave CWM. one way or another your phone has a recovery program. It's just like the Bios chip on your CPU. press f10 (or whatever key) and it goes into bios/recovery mode.
CWM is the same thing. only for your phone. it allows you to backup/restore your system and data. as well as dozens of other useful things (like formatting caches and SD)
The stock recovery only has options to update, if metro has no updates. it's useless.
when you rooted your phone, you removed the stock recovery. and CWM was installed.
instead of thinking of it as a dreaded virus. look at it for what it is, the best tool to prevent users from bricking their phones by backing up the system image, and that allows formatting and flashing of the phone system.
unless you used an app to reboot into recovery, or you pressed the volume+ and back key while powering up.. I don't see how you keep going into recovery mode.
learn what things are BEFORE you install or flash them next time.
my advice to you
press alt + f4
#10 cocokasper, Feb 12, 2013
I was selling the phone, and needed to restore the phone to its pre-installed stock condition.
#11 ktchong, Feb 12, 2013
if your esteem was ZVD here's how to go back to stock. you don't remove CWM, you install the stock one over it. there can be only one. this thread has everything needed to return to stock recovery, stock rom, and no-root access.

#12 cocokasper, Feb 12, 2013
You can get more money for it rooted or sell it quicker. But to each his own. Disregard if the person wants it stock
#13 EsteemUser, Feb 16, 2013
I sold mine last week on ebay for $205. Pretty sure that was a record for used LG Esteem.

I did research on ebay closing prices before listing my phone, and phones in clean uprooted stock condition generally fetch much higher prices than rooted phones. For secondhand LG Esteem, one in stock condition generally get over $150, while a rooted one does not usually get over $150.
#14 ktchong, Feb 23, 2013
I agree...
Stock phones do fetch more on ebay than rooted/modded phones. People generally want a phone that hasn't been mod in any way.
#15 GameTheory, Feb 24, 2013
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3 right now. Samsung has pushed two updates onto my phone since I got it on January 1, (a firmware update and the Jelly Bean update.) Everyone who had Clockwork Recovery on their S3 was having nightmares with the updates... The Samsung push updates do not play well with CWR. You guys can check the S3 forums.
#16 ktchong, Mar 1, 2013
what carrier?
#17 cocokasper, Mar 20, 2013
I experienced this with my s3 while I had it rooted. Verizon is the carrier. I un-rooted my phone so I could get the updates.
#18 dbeusee, Jan 10, 2014
Try sticking a USB coord from your pc to your esteem and then running LG mobile support tool. Once that is done, make sure your phone is on INTERNET CONNECTION mode and then click on update recovery under OPTIONS. boom, back to factory.
#19 Fujinn, Jan 13, 2014
how please!!
#20 salt1z, Mar 21, 2014
do believe the original AIO had the option to flash the stock recovery. ;)
#21 PlayfulGod, Mar 21, 2014
How the hell am I gonna fix this ? My Sm-t110 is having a bad day ... I tried to partition my sd card using rom manager and I've done the process correctly after a while the rom manag suddenly crashed and rebooted my device ... I want to open it and it always redirects me to the clockwork recovery again and again and again ... I need help please ....
#22 cyle ranzes, Jul 29, 2015
i have a Samsung Galaxy S Advance, and after a friend of mine put an ROM with MI 4.4.... it completely stopped working
#23 Godgood, Feb 9, 2016