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Tips How to get Wifi Tether to work (no root needed)

I take no credit for this. @Jt money brought this up in a different thread.
1. Go to the app store and download 'change APN'
2. Open it and click on APN2 LTE internet
3. Scroll down to APN Type and add the text .Dun to the end so it should like this ' default,mms,Dun' without the quotes of course.
4. Then click on the top three dots in the to right corner and click save. Then reboot your phone. Now you should be able to use the stock WiFi tether by going to settings 'Hotspot and Tethering' and turning it on.


#1 startreker, Oct 18, 2015
Thats awesome! Thanks man. I have a prevail lte in the mail and was hoping I could tether
#2 dwitm01, Jan 20, 2016
this works, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
#3 freesoul1968, Feb 10, 2016
You get to Hotspot for free now with boost mobile......
#4 MLSS, Feb 10, 2016
website says 25-50 a month
#5 freesoul1968, Feb 10, 2016
Hotspot is now free.
#6 MLSS, Feb 10, 2016
I stand corrected, just reviewed my account. :)
#7 freesoul1968, Feb 10, 2016
I have the $60 plan, the most expensive plan so I could have the unlimited data and just started this plan today. I used the wifi tether app and was downloading torrents and apparently there is an 8GB cap on the wifi hotspot, because now I cant use it and got a text that its been disabled due to reaching the 8GB cap. So we need to figure out another way to tether besides the built in tether. I figured this phone would be more popular by now and there would be roms and all kinds of stuff. Looks like I bought the wrong phone for that. Disappointed in this phone thus far and the hacking community with the lack of stuff available for this phone. Sorry for the rant, carry on.
#8 PsXtreme, Apr 12, 2016
I can confirm that after you hit the 8GB limit you cannot do wifi no matter what program you try and tether with. The only way I can tether is with PDANet hooked up via USB cable. So if you hit your 8GB limit your only option is to USB tether.
#9 PsXtreme, Apr 18, 2016
I put alot more than that thru earlier this year, they must have just changed it..........
#10 dwitm01, May 6, 2016