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How to install Hindi fonts like Delvys & Krutidev in Office Suite of Android Phone

Hi, I am new to this forum, I just want to know, In android Platform, with any office suite, But how can we install Hindi fonts like Krutidev and Delvys on Android phone, so that in word of excel files, can be read and editable which are having these fonts. Plz suggest me solution...:thinking:


#1 kishorkgr8, Apr 27, 2013
Hi kishorkgr8 welcome to AF, see if we can help you. :)

Are you getting like square boxes where the Hindi characters should be?

It's possible to add fonts, but the phone must be rooted.
There's this tutorial. I've never tried it myself, so do so at your own risk.
Adding Additional Language Fonts to Android | Android Devs

What phone is it? - Is it a Chinese one? If it's a phone that's intended to be sold and used in India it should already have Hindi support.
#2 mikedt, Apr 27, 2013