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Support How to Keep a Bluetooth Music Receiver "Connected" with car?

I got a Bluetooth Music Receiver that plugs into my car's RCA and I can play music from my s4 or iphone 5 wirelessly BUT I have to go into Settings and "Connect" the paired belkin unit each time I start the car. Why is it my car's bluetooth for phone calls stays paired and connected but the Music Receiver looses connection and requires a button push to enable each time? Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver: MP3 Players & Accessories

Thanks, Shane


#1 shanezam203, Jun 9, 2013
You bought the wrong Bluetooth receiver. Should have bought this one: Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - supports aptX: MP3 Players & Accessories

It's the best one out there right now. Check out the reviews.

Added on edit: The problem is with the Belkin receiver not the phone.
#2 shmn, Jun 9, 2013
I can't imagine that one being any better if it turns off and runs out of a charge eventually when my car is off. when my car is off the cig. lighter doesn't charge, so if I hot wired it to a fuse that was Constant, that would make my Belkin never disconnect or turn off, correct?
#3 shanezam203, Jun 9, 2013
It's got nothing to do with power but with how the device is designed and the firmware implemented. Read the reviews on Amazon for both your device and the one I listed and you will see there is a difference. Read about the problems people are having with the devices. A little research goes a long way. Not all devices are created equally. I'm not trying to be snide...I'm just saying that some products work better than others...and the reviews will generally tell the whole story.
#4 shmn, Jun 9, 2013
Right got it, makes sense was just trying to see if the device had constant power would it stay connected and it doesnt look like it. I'll take a look at the Kinivo thanks.
#5 shanezam203, Jun 10, 2013
shanezam203, please do update with results if you go with a different receiver.

I purchased a new receiver capable of the hands free and audio bluetooth connectivity while still using the original Galaxy S. This would pair to both automatically. Now, with the S4, only the HFP connects and I have to manually connect the audio. I've already spent too much time resetting/restarting and trying endless combinations to get both or even only the audio to connect automatically as it did with the former phone. It's bologna.
#6 spacemission, Jun 10, 2013
With my truck, for everything to work properly, you have to pair the phone as an audio device, then the hands free phone portion will work as well. If you go the other way, the bluetooth audio never works like it should. Try pairing the audio first and see what happens.
#7 Sierra255, Jun 10, 2013
I can try that, just strange the Bluetooth for my phone calls always stays connected. so you are saying delete both.

then 1st pair the Belkin receiver?
Then pair the car bluetooth for calls?
#8 shanezam203, Jun 10, 2013
Sierra255 - I am thankful for any and all suggestions to get my system working so thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I've tried just that, probably 6 times now ;)

I don't mean to threadjack shanezam203's post, but we could be having the same issue for all I know.

I have a Clarion CX501 bluetooth/mp3 receiver bought through Crutchfield. It has its own "auto connect" enable/disable but does not allow for specification between the HFP or A2DP profile. My goal is to simply have a successful automatic bluetooth connection between my car receiver and phone shortly after ignition. This worked for the original Galaxy S, but does not for the S4. I have attempted the following so far:
1. In all cases: unpaired car receiver device from my Galaxy S4's bluetooth settings
2. In all cases: deleted my car receiver's saved connections to the phone and audio pairings
3. Changed receiver's bluetooth code
4. Enabled/disabled receiver's auto-connect
5. Paired only the A2DP profile, only to find on next start that it auto-connects only to the HFP profile... every time.
6. Attempted a car/bluetooth auto connect app on the phone - close, but still requires me to take some manual action (plug in device to USB charger or disconnect/connect bluetooth in order to automate the A2DP connection).

I think my next step will be to factory reset the receiver. The very first time I paired the two devices, I did choose the HFP before audio. So for all I know it still has some data saved related to that.

If there are any other suggestions I'm open to hear them.
#9 spacemission, Jun 11, 2013
Which app was that, if you don't mind?
#10 DanDroide, Jun 11, 2013
DanDroide - I believe it was this one "Bluetooth Auto Connect"
#11 spacemission, Jun 11, 2013
Yes. But since you're working with two different things (Belkin receiver and hands-free from the car), they could be fighting with each other. And from my experience, bluetooth audio can be extremely frustrating. I fought with my GS2 for months before I got it working with any regularity. And then, it still wasn't perfect. The hands-free phone worked great from the start. My next mission is to figure out how to do voice dialing through my truck. I can't for the life of me determine how to get my contacts to upload to my truck. I know it can, I just don't know how to get it to work.
#12 Sierra255, Jun 11, 2013
My iPhone and GS2 both worked well with my Subaru factory stereo. However, the GS4 only auto-connects voice and not audio, so I have to select it manually every time I start the car. After reading the posts here and on another forum, it sounds like the issue is on the phone side, not stereo (or BT headset).

We need updated firmware from Samsung.
#13 mtnsportr, Jun 11, 2013
I just loaded that app and it cleared up my Media Streaming problem I had.


EDIT: BTW, I only am using my Bluetooth to stream music, not for phone calls.
#14 DanDroide, Jun 11, 2013
That's the exact same issue I'm having and my first thought as well.. Perhaps it is a problem with the phone after all, especially if I'm not the only one experiencing this.

Glad at least someone came out of this with a solution, hehe. :p
#15 spacemission, Jun 11, 2013
Glad at least someone came out of this with a solution, hehe. :p[/QUOTE]

I will try this solution. As a side note, when I clicked the link and read about the app, I found out that you can install it on your device(s) remotely. So I didn't even have to pick up my phone, it just went there automatically! This is a new-to-me feature of Android.

#16 mtnsportr, Jun 12, 2013
I am having the exact same issue also. My Sony in my truck worked with S3 automatically turning on phone and media when i started the car. But with S4 it is only doing the phone.
Downloaded this to try it today see if it fixes my problem as well. *tried it at lunch no luck*
#17 Hamnat, Jun 12, 2013
That may be it, because my s3 was the same way. I will try it with my iPhone 5 also and then JUST the Belkin and no hands free audio and see if that stays connected.
#18 shanezam203, Jun 12, 2013
Every time I get in my car, I have to re-pair my car (phone) and bluetooth music player to my phone each time. My old iPhone 4S would just automatically connect to both if I left bluetooth on. How can I get my S4 to do this? It's not a HUGE deal, but it is kind of annoying having to turn off (if on) and on my bluetooth then pair them to the two devices each time I get in my car. Someone please educate me, thanks.
#19 spin360, Jun 12, 2013
Now there are multiple threads about BT connectivity in this forum and another one that rhymes with central. This guy that made the BT app is about to get a lot more users unless Samsung patches it quick!
#20 mtnsportr, Jun 12, 2013
This issue is popping up a lot now with different car makers, headsets, etc...the only common denominator is GS4. It probably has a bug that needs to be corrected by an update.

In the meantime, there are folks recommending a bluetooth app from the Play Store. I have not used it myself (will try when I get to my car later) so I don't want to recommend it just yet, but thought I could mention it. Check in another thread about bluetooth music for more details.
#21 mtnsportr, Jun 12, 2013
Merged a couple Bluetooth threads. Sorry for any confusion that may cause. :)
#22 Atma, Jun 12, 2013
Well, it worked for 1 day and I'm back to streaming problems again. :(

EDIT: Working again.
#23 DanDroide, Jun 12, 2013
That did it, bluetooth auto connect and now it is 100% fine.
Pairs my car and music receiver, don't need to turn either of them on anymore.

#24 shanezam203, Jun 13, 2013
I tried deleting all the devices on my car bluetooth except for my new phone. That did the trick for auto-connecting to the car (phone). Now the bluetooth media on the other hand, no such luck yet. I'll try out that app later and see if it works for me.
#25 spin360, Jun 13, 2013