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How to keep Speaker ON

My S6 microphone failed. With speaker on, I can use my voice to text, including email, and the other party on a phone call can hear me. I don't mind manually turning on the speaker when on a call. If I can keep the speaker on, I may keep the phone, save the cost of a new one, and still be able to use the texting function. So, is there a way? I saw someone say it might be active in driving mode. I can't find Dr. mode in Settings. If that would do it, how do I find that mode? Or ehat else would work? Thanks.


#1 pdkrones, Mar 25, 2018
I delete this one but I don't know how. I went up getting a new phone! Boy I had a lot of looks!
#2 pdkrones, Apr 16, 2018
A month and a week later...

If you can use voice to text your microphone is on.
#3 dontpanicbobby, Apr 27, 2018