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Root How to make own theme?

All you need is 7zip. And photoshop or some type of image editor tlike that to make your own icons.

For porting all you really need is 7zip
#2 ShinySide, Mar 16, 2012
UOT Kitchen. Kitchen

u can make one here but dont post one here and call it yours. this is an easy noob learning tool in a way
#3 epayne123, Mar 16, 2012
ok, what icons do i need to make? make a list or show were i can one? :)
#4 techno4229, Mar 24, 2012
UOT is the easiest and best way to changing up your basic features on your phone. When you want to actually change the icon's picture and styles is when you gotta build it from the ground up.

I usually take a theme that's been built that I already like and tweak it myself to my liking.
#5 Fuzzy13, Mar 24, 2012
can you list all tools need to make a theme from A to Z i'm kinda interested in makeing themes...well trien anyways
#6 HoUdInI, Jun 18, 2012
Apktool or apkmanager.
Firefox or chrome.
#7 HereticSins, Jun 18, 2012
I use easy apk. Only one i can get to work right plus it's the easiest to use.
#8 Fuzzy13, Jun 18, 2012
Am Makin One Right now Dude Lol Hopefully comes out succesful LOL
#9 max25002, Jun 18, 2012

They can be a headache especially when you are compiling and de compiling apk's. Gotta remember that you DON'T move your images to the apk until AFTER you compile it. You'll get errors every time.
#10 Fuzzy13, Jun 18, 2012
NA LOL i think i wont be doin that am gonna theme #2 1.9.1 LOL
#11 max25002, Jun 18, 2012
What's up with you and the word "lol"
You even SAID it when I was talking to you. That's true laziness dude...
#12 Transfusiionz, Jun 18, 2012
Umm Alright?????
#13 max25002, Jun 18, 2012
wow i can't even begin to begin on a theme or even open a dam file or anything that gets me close to anything about a dam theme..i think i might leave this to the big dogs...excuse my lang but this is some hard ass shit my A.D.D kicked right in..
#14 HoUdInI, Jun 18, 2012
Just wait til you want to change something that's not an image but color codes and @color/xxxxx buried in xml ahaha
#15 ShinySide, Jun 19, 2012
It's not hard. It is best to edit a theme that's already made. Change colors of icons or change the icons. That way you get an idea of how it all works. Once you get inside the apk, you'll see how a theme works.

All you need to edit is 7zip and paint.net.

Extract the theme files from a theme you wanna play with. (framework-res, systemui and res-cappuccino)

Right click on the apk click 7zip and expand. It will open the insides of the apk. You'll only be messing with the drawables hdpi folder so only extract it. Once you extract it you will see all the icons and images. Edit whichever you want. Save. Once your done right click on the apk again click 7zip expand and go inside the res folder and drag the extracted folder you've been editing inside of over to the 7zip window. It will replace the old folder in the apk.

Push it to your phone and your done. Once you do it you will see that playing around with simple stuff like this ain't hard.

If you even care or wanna learn that is ;)
#16 Fuzzy13, Jun 19, 2012
Thanks for the help just what i needed to know what files to play around with... and yes i do wanna learn its just i'm a lazy person these days and just needed pointing in the right direction...
#17 HoUdInI, Jun 19, 2012

All good. If you have any questions you know where to find me ;)
#18 Fuzzy13, Jun 19, 2012
Am lazy to but i kinda got the hang of it and just ask ppl LOL i ask Shiny Fuzzy Everyone that noes how to theme If u want i could help u A Lil How to get a head start
#19 max25002, Jun 19, 2012
when you say push it to my phone... what does this mean flash?
#20 HoUdInI, Jun 19, 2012
Umm i dnt think so i think he means to get in the phone like android commander it lets u get in ur phone u can push and pull apks and files and stuuf
#21 max25002, Jun 19, 2012
You can push or flash. Personally I flash. Just because Im too lazy to mess with settign up Android Commander :D
#22 ShinySide, Jun 19, 2012

Yeah basically. Push means paste. Pull means cut or extract. Dont have to have commander, although its easier, but you can just put the files on your SD and move them with file manger or something like that.
#23 Fuzzy13, Jun 19, 2012
Yea i kno but i said commander as and example if u want commander ill gove u the link to download it ;)
#24 max25002, Jun 19, 2012
LOL Shiny i use android commander to get the framework and stuuf LOL i kno u could judt get it from the themes zip but i forget
#25 max25002, Jun 19, 2012