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Support How to move/install apps to SD card Galaxy 2 7.0

I've read through several posts about this and haven't yet found a solution.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with Android 4 (ICS). In the applications management part of settings, there is no Move App to SD card button for any of the apps.

I tried some of the Move2Sd apps but none worked. I contacted one developer and he directed me to FAQ #9 here:

A0Soft Inc. - The #1 world clock shareware for Android handheld

which says:

"I cannot find the "Move to xxx" button from application detailed information window.
"If the device does not have a real primary external storage or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function will not be supported by Android system. It's the limitation of hardware. Please get more information from device manufacture."

Is there a way around this? If it is actually a hardware limitation and not the OS, I would guess I am out of luck. But somehow I think there must be a way to work around this. I can store files on the SD card without any problems.

I would like to do this without rooting the device, but if that is neccesary AND if it has worked for others (I don't want to be the first to experiment with this), I might learn how to do that.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!



#1 t2000kw, Jun 24, 2012
i have a samsung galaxy tab aswell and i know how to move them

click move to ...
and it will say move to sd card click that and you can choose what apps you want to put onto ur sd card

hope this helped you
it worked for me!!
#2 charlotter92, Jun 29, 2012
When I go to settings, manage applications, then click on any application, there is no move button.

Do you have the Galaxy Tab 2 with android 4 like I have, or the previous one with an earlier version of Android?

If you have the one I have, where are you seeing the move button?
#3 t2000kw, Jun 29, 2012
I have the same problem with my Acer Iconia A100. My brother has a Galaxy 7.0 Plus and he too has no ''move to sd'' button... I have browsed multiple forums and found no answer. Any app I install (namely App2sd) does not help as it just directs me to the settings-apps page... Does anyone have an answer I really need the space... I have 8GB of internal 4 taken up by the OS and really need the space... Also inside the internal memory there seems to be some sort of memory location called SDcard which is not actually my sd... Any help on moving would be much appreciated as any apps I've tried just direct me to the same place...
#4 Voidjumper, Jul 4, 2012
I contacted Samsung tech support and was informed that you simply can't move applications (apps) to the SD card. They said (and I already knew this) that you can move files and multimedia files to the SD card, however.

I'm hoping that they will update their version of Android 4.0.x and enable this feature, if it's not a hardware issue.

#5 t2000kw, Jul 7, 2012
Only way I have found is by having the tablet rooted.

If you are rooted you can use a few different apps to move some data over to an external SD card, manually.
I'm able to use Link2SD, and GL to SD. I have used GL to SD to move other data besides just Gameloft games. Not everything works using it, so you would have to experiment to see what does and does not work.
#6 elgecko, Jul 10, 2012
Oh cool! Is this the method you are talking about? I don't have the tab 2 but I came across this thread at rootz and I was hoping someone would confirm it.
#7 xmr405o, Jul 11, 2012
hmmmm galaxy tab 2 was built like that but there are ways...
one open file manager

than copy and paste or move to desired
#8 Alnn, Jul 16, 2012
Just out of curiosity, what is the motivation to move your apps to the external card on the Tab. With as much internal memory as there is, it seems there is plenty of space for the apps internally, if you put your images, music, and videos on the External card. I have a huge number of apps and am not seeing any problems.

When I had earlier Android devices with much less space for apps, I saw the advantage, but with all of the internal memory and the fact that apps WILL run faster on this memory, I'm at a loss of understanding.

#9 azlen, Jul 16, 2012
Yeah... I want to know that too..... I use mines for stock piling naruto movies... Flv.files
#10 Alnn, Jul 16, 2012
I tend to agree. The only reason I can think of is if a person is really in to playing games such as Sims free play that takes alot of space. I think Sims free play is almost a gig after installing it.
#11 xmr405o, Jul 16, 2012
I haven't run out of space, but I am aware that free space can affect the speed of operation of the OS to some extent. The Galaxy Tab 2 only has 1/2 of the space of it's predecessor and a slightly slower (20% ?) processor. So, having 8 GB of total space for programs and the OS, I just want to be sure I don't slow the thing down.
#12 t2000kw, Jul 17, 2012
Trying to overclock?
#13 Alnn, Jul 17, 2012
That wasn't what I was looking for in this thread, but I am interested in overclocking at some point.
#14 t2000kw, Jul 26, 2012
Is not only about moving the app but the data from apps. For example, Google Earth might be 15 MB (not sure) but the data cached in your internal memory grows like crazy (especially with 3D maps) so you end up with a 400MB in your internal memory. Same goes for apps like Zinio, Next Issue, Currents, pretty much any game.

Developers need to build the apps to be able to store the data on external drives. Many people will be disappointed when they start doing this on their nexus 7, and realize they have no choice add extra data to their sd card... because there is none.
#15 reyrios, Aug 6, 2012
Look for link2sd
#16 Alnn, Aug 7, 2012
Or swap sd
#17 Alnn, Aug 7, 2012
Can you tell me how to do this?


update : never mind, I figured it out.
#18 agilpwd, Aug 19, 2012
Sorry, but I got behind on my email checking and didn't know there was a reply here, or I would have replied sooner. I'm surprised that no one else did.

Anyway, now that you figured it out, you may find one of the Android free browsers (or one of the paid ones) to be more user friendly than what comes with your Android device.

#19 t2000kw, Aug 25, 2012
I have two 4.04 ICS devices, a 32GB Galaxy Nexus and an 8GB Tab 2 7.0. I also have a 2.2 and 2.3 tablet. The 2.x devices have a limited internal flash memory of about 1.6GB which is used to initially load apps. One tablet has 16GB internal flash plus a slot for an external SD. The internal SD card (the "SD Card") has about 12.5GB maximum. The other 2.x tablet does not specify the internal flash memory and also has an external slot for a SD Card which is the "SD Card". At least a 2GB card is required for it to operate. It shipped with a 2GB card installed. All downloaded apps are loaded into the internal flash 1.6GB memory. Some apps can have a portion of them moved to the "SD Card" (not the external SD Card in the case of the 16GB device). Some apps automatically do that while others will not move any data to the SD Card like MAPs. The apps are moved in Settings- Application Management.
The 4.ox devices do not have (show anywhere at least) an internal flash memory. They both show that the apps are loaded into the "SD Card". There is no internal memory mentioned in Settings-Storage. It seems to me that the entire available memory in the "SD Card" is available to load apps into so "move to SD Card" is meaningless since that is where they are initially placed. Of course there are other files also loaded into the "SD Card". Like the 2.x devices there is no option in non-rooted devices to load any portion of any app into the external SD Card. This means that if the 4.ox device has an 8GB internal flash then the maximum memory size of the "SD Card" is a little over 5GB and when it fills with apps there is no way to add more apps. I am not a gamer who uses large game apps so I have found that 1.6GB with SD Card storage (2.x devices) or the 5GB+ of the tab is more than adequate for my needs since I have up to 32GB of storage in the external SD Card for pictures. videos and music. My 32 GB Galaxy Nexus has 28GB of max "SD Card" memory for apps. This also means that 4.0x and likely 4.1x non-rooted devices with only 8GB of internal flash may limit the number of large game apps that can be loaded and would provide a reason for that type user to get the 16GB version if available.
I have tried but have not been to verify anything I have stated about the 4.x devices and may be completely wrong in my conclusions based on my observations of two devices. I also have not looked at any 3.x devices.
#20 txrose72, Aug 26, 2012
Which file manager are you using?
#21 Lord Vader, Sep 8, 2012
how to go to file manager.. if you can tell us the step? sorry for the stupid question
#22 Kentang71, Sep 13, 2012
In the app drawer, look for "My Files". Also, EsFileExplorer can be downloaded from Market, and is very good.
#23 azlen, Sep 14, 2012
I also use the Astro File Manager which has a nice backup application. They just upgraded it for ICS and JB. The Apps are saved in a Backup/Apps folder in the internal memory but it can be setup to use the ext SD card instead. The Apps are stored with their respective names and saved in their xxx.apk installable form. They can be copied and moved to another device and installed (i.e using Dropbox).
#24 txrose72, Sep 14, 2012
I have the latest ASTRO Version 4.0.423 where I can NOT find the option to

" but it can be setup to use the ext SD card instead." as you state. How is this done, can you please explain. Thanks.
#25 vijaykhai, Sep 28, 2012