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How to record FM radio?

Is there app, which can record mp3 from FM radio (NOT internet-radio), for android?


#1 DimanNe, Nov 6, 2010
fm radio coming from the phone itself, or from another source? theres a million ways to do it if the former, line out to a pc is your best bet.

compressing mp3 on a phone just seems like an exercise in futility to me.
#2 thrawn86, Nov 6, 2010
I don't think it's possible on your android device, but try to find the radio station on your pc and record it with audacity or any other recording software.

Is there a specific reason why you would do this?

#3 yoram, Nov 6, 2010
>fm radio coming from the phone itself, or from another source?
Of course from the phone!

>but try to find the radio station on your pc and record it with audacity or any other recording software.
No, I want to record radio from the phone.

My Cowon D2, for example, can record fm radio, why it is so difficult with phone?
#4 DimanNe, Nov 6, 2010
I don't think it's so difficult, but there just isn't an app for it.

But I still don't see any use for it....
#5 yoram, Nov 6, 2010
i would also like to know how to do this. this feature would come in handy for when you hear a song you like but don't know the name of the song. you can record it, then find out the name later if you don't have a data connection.
#6 SupremeBeaver, Nov 6, 2010
This is quite amusing, what was basic functionality on an 80's radio-cassette has now become a little tricky.

Ahh the memories of recording the latest tunes off the radio.
#7 wuthton, Nov 6, 2010
I remember my sisters taping the top forty with bruno brooks.
#8 york310, Nov 6, 2010
bump any improvements in this, I too want to record the FM radio (the tuner one local stations, not internet streaming) songs while listening, is there not any app for android, mine is samsung galaxy 551
#9 rsk11584, Jan 9, 2011
I often listen to radio plays and quizzes on my Galaxy S at work and it's a real pain when I get called away to sort out some problem or other and miss the rest of the show, so I too would like the ability to record.:(
#10 digdug123, Feb 17, 2011
i also need it!!!!!!
before galaxy s, i had an omnia II and there was a built in fm radio with recorder which was very usefull to me!!!!
i miss it verry much, espessialy when i'm working and i'm thinking of giving galaxy s to my wife & take back my old good omnia II for that reason
#11 mourgooos, Sep 6, 2011
I don't think there is an app for that..

..but often tried and trusted methods work very well..
#12 mikedt, Sep 6, 2011
I wonder, if you play the radio, then turn on any recording app, what would happen? If the phone was on loudspeaker it would probably record it. On the other hand, soundhound can look up the name of the song for you if you have a data plan.
#13 chanchan05, Sep 6, 2011
If the output of the fm tuner is analog and going straight to an amp, it won't be possible. If it's digitized and is going through all the sound chips it may very well be possible it's just that someone has to figure out how to capture that audio (possibly different on every model) and write up an app for it. I would think a phone would have more than enough power to encode to mp3 in real-time, I had a little single AAA creative mp3 player the size of a lighter 6 years ago that could do fm->mp3.
#14 John Redcorn, Sep 6, 2011
Any progress on this. I too want a FM recorder. I had a Sony Ericsson W580i which had the capability to record radio in Mp3 format. Now I am looking for that capability for my Android Sony Xperia Pro. Is it Possible to record radio on Android mobile phone?
#15 REDHOTIRON2004, Oct 9, 2012
Tune-In Pro allows recording and can tune in on just about any radio station you want.
#16 GrouchoM, Oct 9, 2012
If your phone doesn't have an FM radio (most don't), you can't record it. If you're talking about recording from an external FM radio... then this app should work (or any other recording app). My Galaxy Player has FM radio, but I prefer Tune-in. Built in FM radios are pretty much useless unless you have no cell or wifi signal... I prefer my MP3 songs at that point.
#17 tcat007, Oct 9, 2012
Turns out there is an app for that. :)

My current Chinese Lenovo phone can record the FM radio, Theres a red "Record" button in the stock FM radio app. That's something I've never seen on a phone before. But then this phone has an FM transmitter app as well. :D
#18 mikedt, Oct 14, 2012
Hi, any update on this? I also need an app that can record from the stock radio app on my SGS2. It drives me crazy having to miss some of my fav radio shows because of work.
#19 petermania, Jan 15, 2013