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General How to set custom voice commands on the Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 lets you set a custom voice command to wake up your phone, even when the screen is off and it's locked.

Here is how:
  • Open your app drawer
  • Open "S Voice"
  • Immediately tap the "Gear" settings icon that appears on the bottom left
  • Toggle it on at the top right
  • Tap "set-up wake command"
  • Press "Start" and follow the directions to speak your custom phrase aloud 4 times
You can use this feature of S Voice for a number of tasks including placing calls, sending messages, saving memos, and more. Side note: This feature works best when your lock screen is turned off.


#1 Rob, Mar 6, 2015
That's cool! Thanks!
#2 poponay, Mar 14, 2015
Do you know how to change it after the initial setup?
#3 ecaste15, May 19, 2015