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Root How to stop "allow Google to regularly check device activity"

Just installed Kit Kat and rooted and disabled Knox. But I keep getting this message "allow Google to regularly check device activity for security problems or warn about potential harm"

how do I disable this completely?!



#1 Matrix Leader, May 12, 2015
Moved to root forum.

The complaint ought to be coming from allowing unknown sources, a typical root settings change.

Note in KitKat that is typically controlled from two places in settings - security, and developer options.
#2 EarlyMon, May 12, 2015
Right, so I should change the setting back to not allow stuff from unknown sources? would that affect anything in the root?
#3 Matrix Leader, May 12, 2015
Just checked the settings and it is unchecked......

haven't had that notification popup in the last 24 hours......

there was a recent update to the SU Root application on my phone don't know if that has anything to do with the setting....
#4 Matrix Leader, May 12, 2015
In your app drawer,go to the GOOGLE SETTINGS app > SECURITY > VERIFY APPS & uncheck Scan For Security Threats
#5 KOLIO, May 12, 2015
Mine's that way (forgot lol), it must be that.
#6 EarlyMon, May 12, 2015
what if this is permanently hidden? I don't see it on the HTC One.
#7 MacRat, Oct 31, 2015
You don't have a GOOGLE Settings (Gear) icon in your app drawer?
Try looking in the GOOGLE folder (in your app drawer) if you have one/haven't looked there yet
#8 KOLIO, Oct 31, 2015
It's that simple... This stupid message was so annoying popping up each time I install something. I was looking for an option in settings but didn't even think about google settings.. It solved the problem, completely. Thank you very much KOLIO for the tip.
#9 bolojohn, Nov 10, 2015 Last edited: Nov 10, 2015
I just ran the latest KingRoot per instructions here , the latest version had a different look, anyway, after tapping to start the program, that google msg came up with wording as to whether I wanted to continue allowing google to to do this checking, accept or decline. I am a total noob with smarphones and that msg wasn't expected. I decided to decline. I still have the option in the phones general settings to allow or disallow unkown programs. Now I will run Root Checker from the play store to verify. The things they make you go through just to be able to make run a thorough backup program for your device. I want to run Titanium Root (backup program) which is one of the main reasons I decided to root.
#10 RollinStone, Nov 22, 2015
WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS RollinStone ! :thumbsupdroid:

Glad you were able to get your device rooted.
I'm not too familiar w/your device,but,I do have an LG & a lot of 'em can have the KingRoot removed & replaced w/something better & less obtrusive (data mining/etc..).
That would be SuperSU & TWRP Recovery (or CWM Recovery,if available for your phone).
Here's the root section for your device,I'm certain the members here will fill you in on all the goodies available for your device:

Make yourself at home & once again WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS! :thumbsupdroid:
#11 KOLIO, Nov 22, 2015
Well actually I had assumed it was rooted but Root Checker says no. I have the c firmware version and now see that I have to downgrade to b. Do I need to remove KingRoot somehow before proceeding to downgrade?
#12 RollinStone, Nov 22, 2015
I don't wanna take guesses on this,especially since I don't have the device to verify what will work.
If you can't find any answers from the sub-forum I linked earlier,try asking around here:
#13 KOLIO, Nov 22, 2015
Thanks, I found this

and also a nice guide on how to downgrade the firmware to the b version, which the tool can then root, I think, is what the deal is. For the moment I'm on taking a break on the PC, smartphone work. After installing Windows 10 a few days ago and having so many problems with that ( had to reinstall apps), also set up google drive and cloud player on the phone. I gotta find some entertainment. haha, I missed the Lions game today in which they had a rare win. haha

When your tech work causes you to miss the important things in life it's time to re-access one's priorities.

Thanks for the info KOLIO.
#14 RollinStone, Nov 22, 2015
What a coincidence,I just tried installing W10 & coughed up a hairball regarding Cisco VPN or some BS,long day,will try again on my upcoming weekend,not a high priority.
What little PC work I do works fine on W8.1 & my work desktop remote isn't W10 compatible yet (so says our IT guru).

Let us know how everything works out! :thumbsupdroid:
#15 KOLIO, Nov 22, 2015
Will do. I'm sure there is a method out there somewhere to root this thing. I just have to gather up all the facts and procedures. Here is what sounds like an awesome way to do what I need, if only I had the b version firmware, again, it doesn't work for the c. , what do yo make of it? I love gurus that can make the one click and yer done stuff. : )
#16 RollinStone, Nov 22, 2015
don't know why that link is messed up , this is it without the http

The problem I had on Win 10, I used this tool http to extend my C drive into the old recovery partitions from my win 7 installation. This was after the Win 10 upgrade that had worked so I did it under win 10. The tool indicated that everything was fine. Upon reboot though, it wouldn't, something all messed up with the boot process. I put win 10 back on with DVD made from ms tool which I had just made a few minutes before the crash so I was lucky I had it as I only have the one PC. When Win 10 got back on, drive management showed my D drive was still there, F was gone and now part of C like the extend process does with the tool. , currently win 10 says I have C, D (350mb) and another recovery partition of win 10's own making, with no drive letter. ( not sure if one can or should be assigned). system is working good although have had some problems with programs that no longer worked, like Perfect Disk, need ver 14 or 15 I think is what i found.

I've never done much disk partitioning stuff so maybe I did something wrong, I dunno. Tool said point, click, walla, your good to go.

Oh well, experience is always good I guess. I'm just not sure if it's the tools I shouldn't trust, or myself. haha
#17 RollinStone, Nov 22, 2015