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How To How to take a screenshot with the HTC One M9

This is one of the most common questions for any phone including the HTC One M9- how to take a screenshot. The M9 actually has 2 methods of taking screenshots, one of them brand new... let's have a look:

The easiest way to take a screenshot is:
  1. Visit the screen you want to capture
  2. Hold down the power button and volume down button
  3. You'll hear a shutter sound and the screenshot will be added to your notification bar
You can also add a "Screenshot" quick setting:
  1. Swipe your notification bar down twice to bring up quick settings
  2. Tap the paper and pencil icon in the top right to edit the quick settings options
  3. Scroll down until you see the "Screenshot" option
  4. Long press and drag the "Screenshot" option to the top panel of icons
You'll now be able to take a screenshot from your quick settings by double swiping down and tapping the quick settings option.


#1 Rob, Mar 6, 2015
Side tip: Rather than swiping down twice from the top, you can use two fingers on a single swipe to access your quick settings.
#2 Nevis, Mar 7, 2015
Great tip. This will be helpful to folks down the line when they get the device.

This screenshot method through the notification pull down, quick settings, screenshot, is definitely not brand new though. HTC introduced that functionality with Sense 5 ;)
#3 PyroSporker, Mar 7, 2015 Last edited: Mar 7, 2015
Power + volume is the old HTC screen shot - but they used to retain the Android power + home . Wonder if they still will?
#4 EarlyMon, Mar 7, 2015
As dumb as it is to have 3 ways to perform the same function, I wondered this too! :D
#5 PyroSporker, Mar 7, 2015
Like @Hadron said in customizing navbar thread - it's all about muscle memory.

I like power + home for that reason, and I built that muscle memory because it's the standard.

If they really wanted to provide an easy third way, they'd adopt the power menu, a very popular root modification.


I've customized mine even further but you can see the advantage to the swipe swipe chicken dance lol.
#6 EarlyMon, Mar 7, 2015
I'm used to just doing the quick settings now that's how I do it.
#7 Rose4uKy, Mar 21, 2015
That's actually backwards - Power + Volume Down is the standard Android screenshot functionality (dating back to ICS, I believe). HTC implemented the Power + Home screenshot back in the days of Gingerbread, if memory serves. I remember adding the functionality to some custom ROMs for Supersonic.
#8 CapThrowback, Apr 3, 2015
TIL that I got that backwards.

I plead temporary insanity. :D

I remember needing root for the Supersonic and using the SDK trick on my 3vo after that, as I've always hated the volume - power trick.
#9 EarlyMon, Apr 3, 2015
I know this is an old post but maybe it's still active. I just a new M9 from Asurion for Verizon. I checked my quick settings and there isn't a "Screenshot" option. My software version is 2.6.605.15. I can take screenshots using power + down volume and power + home. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
#10 markdoc, Oct 22, 2015
power button, plus 'home button' is the standard way to do a Screenshot.

works on every smartphone I have owned.
#11 AZgl1500, Oct 22, 2015
there are three ways (ive confirmed this myself) to screen shot with the M9

Quick Settings
Vol. Down + Power
Power + Home Button

They All Work, And I Prefer the Vol. Down and Power button combo, since i can do it one Handed.
#12 Dergon Dragon, Feb 12, 2016
I'm still saying my Verizon M9 does not have "Screenshot" choice in Quick Settings. I've double and triple checked and it isn't there. I would really like confirmation from another Verizon user.
#13 markdoc, Feb 12, 2016
If you don't see it on your VZW M9,then they (VZW) had it omitted from their M9.
VZW & AT&T are notorious for omitting options/settings/controls that are on other models of the same device.
#14 KOLIO, Feb 12, 2016