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Tips How to uninstall Lookout?

If its a preinstalled app,Like on my G4.
I just disabled it in settings>>>apps>>>Lookout app and tap on it.Then clear cache/data and then tap disable,Then uncheck notifications and tap force stop.
#2 AMOCO, Sep 23, 2015
if you are rooted us Titanium back up to uninstall it.
#3 DB225, Sep 23, 2015
▲▲ I agree
#4 AMOCO, Sep 23, 2015
Like above..if you are rooted you can just use link2sd or Titanium back up (im using Link2sd (can freeze/uninstall and more)
#5 DrakenFX, Sep 23, 2015
Like Draken said... Or if you're not rooted just go system setting/ app / look for LookOut forcestop clear cache clear data and disabel
#6 Krlypumaa, Sep 23, 2015
this worked for me;
root phone
install twrp
make backup
get rootexployer
goto: system/privy-app/lookout
rename: lookout.apk - lookout.bak
wipe cashe
thank the devs
#7 viperdink, Sep 23, 2015
Lol @ Root...Im lucky I can figure out how to turn my TV on...Lol;)
#8 muddy211, Sep 24, 2015
Best answer then.
Leave your phone operating as is and read EVERYTHING you can here at Android Forum. Than read it again before you take baby steps on modifying any part of a perfectly woking device. If this is not done You WILL turn your killer new phone into a BRICK. Reading is the best for you because the inter workings of a cell phone is a lot more complicated than any of smartest television . Here at af is a library of knowldge you just have to Read. Welcome and good luck.

#9 viperdink, Sep 24, 2015 Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
go into settings-security-administrative apps, disable updates and disable. use titanium backup select to remove from system-remove and then boot into recovery and cleanup dalvik and cache. should work.
#10 shuu36, Sep 26, 2015
I have tried to find and disable Lookout. It doesn't show in the apps list (active or disabled) and I can't find any reference to it on my phone. It constantly wants to update via Google Play and I'm really curios where this app its hiding on my phone.

This is the first Android phone I've had and not rooted within a week.
#11 BrickHouse, Nov 1, 2015
Not sure what to tell you man, its right there for me. You could always press and hold on it from your launcher.
#12 Blu8, Nov 2, 2015