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Tips How to update PRL

Heyo everyone,

I had a huge problem getting this to work in my area since the phones release. Since then apparently there's been about 3 new PRLs. So to see what PRL you have you can find it under Settings > About phone > Status. If you scroll down you should see "PRL version". According to my friend Aere, the out of box state the PRL is in is 3015. I would HIGHLY recommend updating to the newest which is 3018. Why? I'm no expert on what this fully entitles, but I know it has to do with the current tower listings. This seriously changes on a weekly bases, and sometimes sooner than that. If you don't update your PRL, then if metro say expands to an area that didn't have reception before, then you would still have no reception.

To update your PRL do this. First dial this number: *228. Yes, that's all you have to dial. Then you'll hear an automated voice talking about language, and some options. Once its done talking say "Update Roaming List", then the automated voice will start talking again and just say "Yes". You'll hear a weird sound (like a clicking sound), and on your phone you'll see "Updating". After it updates, it'll either say "Success, or Fail". If its successful your phone should automatically turn off and restart. If it fails, then try again. You may even have to try again like 3-5 times like I had to.

Working in a Corp Metro store, I can tell you this has not only fixed many issues with reception, but with data back up as well. Some people in Metro text so much that they actual back up the server connection to there phone. Sometimes this is an easy fix you can practically do yourself. I personally update my own PRL at least once a month, and have been doing that over the years I've worked for Metro. I can't test this too well, but my friend Aere, is saying that he's getting way more stable and faster LTE 4G speeds. So I would HIGHLY recommend doing this.

Also if you experiencing problems with connections, I would also suggest checking your programming. If you don't know how to I would suggest going to a Corp Metro store. Make sure the person there checks not only your Phone number aka MDN, and min, but your SID as well. I've found like seriously over 500 customers in the last couple of months with the wrong SID code. Why does the SID code matter? Because it tells the phone where your phone number is from. So if you have the wrong SID code, it can confuse the phone like crazy. Working in SF, I get at least 5 phones a day that are programmed with the SID code of LA! LA! Yeah, SF is no where near LA! So typically after I do that fix, who ever was experiencing a problem walks out happy. I figured you guys would need this information, and just realized that I haven't brought it up on the forums. After I updated my own PRL last night, I noticed definite reception fixes in my own area. So hopefully you guys find this helpful.


#1 Silvist, Mar 2, 2011
It took me literally about ten times. I am not kidding, it didn't take until I said "yes PLEASE" to the computer voice.... really. How freakin' funny is that?
Thanks for the hint.
#2 ickster, Mar 2, 2011
Yeah, I did the PRL when ever i have issues.

Can you give any more info on programming?
#3 MikesTooLz, Mar 2, 2011
More info like what? ##626* is basic for most metro phones now. Takes to you a screen ask for the standard SPC, which unless you got some asurion replacement it should always be 587846. MDN = your phone number, MIN = a random number assigned normally either the same area code, or maybe even cloned to your phone number, and SID is your location. Each market, or city district has a different SID. Don't know em all off the top of my head but 5037 is my market out here in SF. Out of box i believe phone is 6053, which is LA. That's all there is to programming lol. Takes me literally 30 seconds to program any phone.
#4 Silvist, Mar 3, 2011
hmm... I didnt know there was this universal SPC code, I have been using one calculated to work with my phones IMEI.

I didnt see any place in that service menu for SID all i could see was to view/edit phone number
#5 MikesTooLz, Mar 3, 2011
once you enter the mdn and min it will give the option for sid

the last prl 3017 fixed an issue with the droids not being able to recieve phone calls while a data session was in progress....once a month is a good idea to update prl's, you never what they have for you
#6 rjsweesy, Mar 3, 2011
are you sure we are talking about the same thing.

I enter ##626* and i get 3 options

for "Manual FTM" whatever that is.

view shows my phone number, edit asks me to enter my phone number then reboots the phone.
#7 MikesTooLz, Mar 3, 2011
the indulge is tricky to program

enter the spc, then the phone number, hit return on the keypad and it should go to min, hit return again and now the sid

its nothing crazy just basic nam programming
#8 rjsweesy, Mar 4, 2011
Yeah it glitches to, after the min it'll show the SID as the min for a split second, then shrink to a 4 digit number.
#9 Silvist, Mar 4, 2011
Found this on metro website

4815=S. Florida,
5109=C. Florida / Lakeland / Orlando,

5037=San Francisco,
6509=Los Angeles

I opened up that app "Android System Info" and it says im using the correct SID for S. Florida already. I saw on another forum that some people are saying that *228 now programs the SID for the phone as well as updating the PRL

#10 MikesTooLz, Mar 4, 2011
This helped fix my phone thanks
#11 Jessehesse133, Mar 8, 2011
I live in south florida and my phone have the SID LA 6053 I have been trying to change it to the south florida one but I can't...
Help please!
#12 pioja31, Mar 29, 2011
if you call customer care they should be able to reprogram your phone.
#13 betsuni78, Mar 29, 2011
PRL = Preferred Roaming List. basically it tells the phone which network to go on when it's not in the home network... not sure if it will do anything to better the performance of the phone in the home network.
#14 betsuni78, Mar 29, 2011
Yes. It will effect the home network. Especially when your riding on Cricket/US cellular network. In case you didn't know Metro uses their network as part of there own. In fact they have a contract to do that.

From what I was explained to, PRL will effect the list of all the towers in the area you do a PRL update. Its also used in areas your having trouble connecting to the towers. There's a number assigned to the PRL which I think is the current updated list of all the current towers. This changes constantly with repair/servicing of the towers, and the opening of a new towers. I believe that this number though, is tied to your SID. I was suggested that this should be done at least once a month.
#15 Silvist, Mar 30, 2011
If you're in your home area, the e.g. San Francisco, and you have to roam because of coverage issues, it goes to Verizion. and you have to pay to roam with that. The other carriers that metro has agreements with that you can roam for free only works when you are out of the home area. plus the only area where metro offers service that coincides with cricket is LV and philly.

I actually know several metroPCS engineers and they all say the PRL shouldn't affect home useage.

I do agree it's nice to have an update PRL, but that's only if you plan to leave the home area.
#16 betsuni78, Mar 30, 2011
Regarding sids look here The Roaming Zone-SID #4000-9999
#17 ciper, May 22, 2011
When I dial *228 it asks me if I want to activate my phone, is this correct?
#18 revogozoom, May 22, 2011
there are 4 other options... choose number 5
#19 betsuni78, May 23, 2011
Or say "Roaming List"
#20 ciper, May 23, 2011
Ha! As if Id stop at the first option to come make a post.. Wrong answer! Im sorry if you actually know people that stupid. The correct answer would be..."Try rebooting your phone, it sounds like *228 is directing you to the wrong place." Which it was, after rebooting it gave me more than the single option to activate my phone.
#21 revogozoom, May 23, 2011
lucky for you if you've never met a stupid person.
#22 betsuni78, May 24, 2011

i actually want to add to this, that the PRL update not only updates the tower lists and roaming tower agreement lists but it also programs the CDMA radio as to which frequencies it may use to pick up, idle, and hand off of certain towers and the amount of power consumption to be used when performing such functions. this is common on any CDMA network. but i also want to add/ask

PRL's are known and common for CDMA 1x-RTT radio's when performing a PRL Update you are doing so for the sake of the CDMA Radio not the LTE radio's which function seperate from the CMDA radio, they're ability to coexist lies within the board they are placed on and through software implementations, so i curiously have to ask, since when was the PRL Update's applied to the LTE radio's?
#23 myrieboy, May 24, 2011

Metro uses Verizon towers for roaming and Verizon uses same CDMA & LTE as Metro so I would assume a PRL update would now affect both radios. This is speculation on my part but it seems logical if they have a data roaming agreement which would allow Metro LTE phones to pick up Verizon LTE towers.
#24 AndroidxGuy, May 24, 2011
Verizon and Metro use completely different LTE frequencies.

Metro phones only roam onto Verizon when there are no Spring towers available. Sprint is the extended home network
#25 ciper, May 25, 2011