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Support HTC Desire - group messaging / texting issue

Hi ,

I was wondering - wen i sent an SMS to a group of people , say A and B . in the messaging app in HTC desire , this new SMS appears under a new row which would be name "A,B" .

Is there any way such that - this SMS which is sent to multiple people , goes under each people ,(i.e. separately under A and B) instead of this new group of people (A,B) ??



#1 thejunklord, Apr 6, 2011
I don't think all ROMS do that. You certainly can't change it in sense. Why don't you try some other SMS applications from the market like GoSMS or Handcent?
#2 williamj1, Apr 7, 2011
I also don't think you can do this with the stock messaging application.
#3 JohnnyBravo1000, Apr 7, 2011
Nor with Handcent. It sure would be useful if it we could do what you are suggesting though.
#4 sare99, Apr 8, 2011