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Support HTC one M8 overheating and dying super fast.

Ok, I got a new htc one phone from Verizon a couple of months ago (3-5) and after about a month of having it it overheated so bad it fried the phone. No idea what caused it I only used apps that came with the phone. I ended up having to take it back to the store and get a completely new HTC one. Now with this one its starting to happen again. It gets really hot even when its sitting in my car in 20 degree weather, then the batter starts to drain super fast. The only real solution i have found to stop it from over heating is to turn it off, but when i turn it back on the batter drops 20-70% battery life. One day i turned it off at 90% turned it on it was at 33% I turned it off again then on and it was at 20% i did this once again and it was back up to 50%. i have no idea what is happening anyone have an idea?


#1 Android Question, Jan 20, 2015
Gosh, certainly sorry to hear of your M8 heating problems. I, too, have the m8 and have found it very stable and quite conservative in battery usage. Normally, battery drainage and over heating are a software issue. Being as the same problem has appeared with two of your phones I'm left to guess it is an app that you have added to both phones. I might suggest you go into your settings to check what is draining the battery of your current unit. I hope this helps.

I've moved your thread into the excellent M8 discussion area here at Android Forums for more input for you.
#2 olbriar, Jan 21, 2015
could also be a defective battery but i find that odd that they would give you 2 phones with defective batteries.
are you using the charger that came with the phone,that could be another issue if your using too high a voltage it could be sending too much too fast too powerful.
what orbiar says is true too but it leaves something to think upon.most dont also realise this but a battery is software too
it tells the phone when to turn on stores info to boot when off a power source boot information etc.
also id make sure you arent buying a refurbished phone.they claim they check it to like new but honestly it can still have glitches
#3 frosthax1, Jan 21, 2015
Does this occur in Safe Mode? If not, then it is a 3rd party app and you should be able to identify it with GSAM Battery Monitor.
#4 mruno, Jan 21, 2015
My M8 too is heating up real quick. I think it's because of the case at the back. It's metal. Absorbs heat stronger than anything else. And it's making it more hotter because of the case. So, this isn't the perfect or successful phone yet that has been ever made.
#5 Keehar Matthew, Mar 25, 2015
This condition had happened to my m8 both after the update in August (i think it was 4.4.4) and the recent update to 5.0. Unfortunately I think the only resolution is factory reset. It's painful for a day but you'll be glad you did it. I agree this is a black mark for this phone, since I've had several previous androids that did not respond to updates in this way. Then again, my wife has the same m8 I do, both purchased at launch, and hers has been fine thru the updates.
#6 swerver32, Mar 25, 2015
Every time someone runs into it for the first time, it's the phone's fault.

It's an Android-wide problem that hits most everyone given enough time.

The OTA update installer doesn't clean out the operating system caches.
#7 EarlyMon, Mar 25, 2015
There is a workaround without having to factory reset. Check out this video on how to enter bootloader mode, recovery, and instead of doing a factory reset as the video does, wipe the cache partition.
#8 mruno, Mar 26, 2015
I just discovered a similar problem.
Today I placed my Micro SD card in my M8 and almost instantly the phone began to heat up. After about 5mins the phone was so hot I had to put it down. I began the process of killing apps to see if it was some background process that was responsible. I also checked GSam battery monitor which was showing the Android Kernal was sucking the most juice. I switched the phone off and after 5mins on again. The phone had cooled down but once again after a 5 min period became very hot.

I decided to unmount the SD card as it was the next logical thing to do. I left the card in the slot to see how the phone would behave. It remained hot. I ejected the card and after about a minute, the phone began to cool

I have a 64Gb Micro SD card which pretty much lives in my Galaxy Note 10.1 as I prefer to consume my media on it. This card has been used in 3 other Android devices I previously owned and regularly gets used on my PC, via an adaptor for file transfers. It is perfect working order as far as I'm aware.

I have no idea why it's is causing my phone to behave this way. My HTC is encrypted BTW but the card isn't. And no, it's not rooted.

Are you also using a SD card?
#9 TiGGAMAN, Apr 18, 2015
I'm pretty sure there must be a bunch of defective M8s out there. I picked up mine as soon as they were available. Stuck a 64 GB SD card in it and stream movies and surf the web daily. I have yet to feel this heating issue you folks are encountering. I think HTC needs to look at their Quality Control department.
#10 dontpanicbobby, Apr 20, 2015