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I am on auto re-boost and now want to use a gift card?

I called customer service an could barely understand the guy. I hit my first shrinkage and my bill is now $50. I guess I have to un-enroll in the auto-reboost and enter in the pin# from the card. I am going to get a $50 card, because my local supermarket is running a promotion for buying gift cards. When I use the card to load the $50 onto my account will taxes not be taken out or will I still owe a little bit in taxes, and then be able to use my c.c to pay the difference?



#1 go2vegas, Dec 8, 2012
Dial 233 from your phone.
Press option #2.
Once in the advanced payment system:
Press #1 for English or #2 for Spanish.
Verify your phone number by pressing #1.
Press #4 to cancel your current payment method.

Then you can go through it to enroll the card again later.

If you use a gift card I think they may still charge the tax.
The only time they don't charge it (That I know of) is when you buy an actual reboost card. You are paying tax at the time you buy the card, So they won't double dip on tax.
I know some states don't charge tax on the service but I'm in Texas and we do....

Yes, You'll be able to go through the 233 on the phone or on your online account to cover the difference but I think the minimum payment they'll allow is $10.
So you may end up with an extra few bucks on your account.

Sorry I can't be of more help here.
#2 septembersrain, Dec 8, 2012
That helps a lot. :D
#3 go2vegas, Dec 8, 2012