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General i don't know what some icons are for

I don't know what the following icons in the status bar on the top of the phone do. the 1st one looks like the ears from micky mouse, 2 a briefcase with handle, > on the briefcase and a number. 3 a white box with the letter M in it and a number. 4,5, and 6 all have an arrow pointing down at a line.
Number 3 I will take a stab at and say it is for some kind of a mail box. 4,5, and 6 mite be some kind of a download or a power input like a charger.



#1 reble, Oct 19, 2012
hold the down volume and power button to get a screenshot with your notification bar open and post
#2 Robertech, Oct 23, 2012
Here is the screen capture. by the way there has been as meany as 4 arrows pointing down on the status line.
I don't know how to insert a picture here but look at the dropbox link.

#3 reble, Oct 24, 2012
pull down the status bar from the top to open it and deal with your notifications.
from left to right they are as follows:
+more notifications, usb charging, voicemail (1 new), gmail (15 new), sms (text), play store/app update, and another voicemail related notice.
#4 Robertech, Oct 24, 2012
an arrow pointing down at a line usually means an app has finished, or is currently, downloading/updating
#5 Robertech, Oct 24, 2012
Thanks for the input Rob. this phone is an all new ball game for me compaired to the Sanyo Incognito I was using for a long time. 2 reasons I upgraded. 1 I couldn't see the time on the display in direct sun light or see who was calling. 2 limited internet because of phone limitations. It was the same as when I made the jump from xp pro to win7 home.

#6 reble, Oct 25, 2012
I tryed holding my finger on the status bar then sliding the status bar down. it won't open
#7 reble, Oct 25, 2012
hmmm...that's really wierd. i would find someone local with an android phone and see if they can get it to open. assuming you've tried rebooting the phone and pulling the battery, at last resort i would do a factory reset. if still you cant pull down the bar, return it to the store if you're still in the window of the return policy. (usually 15 or 30 days)
its possible you got a defective unit. if the store wont refund you, contact boost mobile and they should be able to help.
Customer Service | Boost Mobile
#8 Robertech, Oct 25, 2012
I got the status bar to pull down. I just wasn't doing it right. Thanks

#9 reble, Oct 26, 2012