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I heart radio removed widgets?

This was really confusing to me so I just have to share this story. I use my android as my car dash and have been running android 4.x for a few years now. I use widgets where possible for obvious reasons. So I just upgrade my tablet's mod OS to use 6.x. Everything worked like a charm but the i heart radio widget was not there. I search all over the net and the only links where dead ones (iheart URLS). So I installed 5.4.1 apk and there it was! Well not really the right one but at least a widget. Then I updated I heart radio and it was removed?


1) Can I keep the widget or is it part of the app?
2) Any know why they would do that?
3) Any way to run an old version and tell android not to auto update a certain app?


#1 ulao, Mar 2, 2017
Well, looks like i heart radio does not have the do not update this app (3 dots) but I guess I can turn off auto updates on this anyways. I sent i heart radio an email as removing stuff like that is just not right. I think they did it in 6.x
#2 ulao, Mar 3, 2017