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General I just got a MotoX Pure. Any tips?

Please post your tips and tricks and custom settings into this thread.

First up, what do you think about the SD card? "internal storage"? Do I want that setting? I'm not going to install tons of apps and will not be storing pics or vids on the phone, so I think 16GB will be ok. Should I just leave SD as external until I run out of internal space.

Here may be a useful link I will start with.


#1 GoodEnough, Feb 3, 2016 Last edited: Feb 4, 2016
I like the convenience of removable storage but I've already used 18GB of internal storage on my 32GB Moto X. If I had bought the 16GB Moto X I would be using the SD card as internal storage. Your use of internal storage may be different than mine so I like your idea of leaving the SD card as removable storage until you run out of internal space.

Here's a good resource: Guide to using your SD card on Marshmallow
#2 WeeWilly, Feb 3, 2016 Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
Get Apex or Nova Launcher. You can specify how many home screens you have and how they look. You will tire of Google launcher very quickly. I DO take a lot of pictures, so I use the SD card as external storage... the added benefit of not using it as expanded internal storage is if the phone goes bad I can move it to a new phone and rock on with files intact. Something to consider.
#3 The_Chief, Feb 4, 2016
What are the downsides of Google launcher?
#4 GoodEnough, Feb 4, 2016
I could only get the one homescreen. Swipe right and Google comes up. I need at LEAST 4 homescreens for my various icons and widgets. I use Apex right now, and can specify the number of screens, the rows and columns of icons, and even reduce the icon size (90%) so it doesn't look so cluttered. I can also set the number of icons in the dock. Very versatile.
#5 The_Chief, Feb 4, 2016
I have 3 home screens on which I can copy shortcuts onto. I will stick with stock launcher for now.
#6 GoodEnough, Feb 4, 2016
Just transferred my old contacts stored in Verizon's “Backup Assistant” app via new app called “Verizon Cloud” to transfer the data between phones (not via cloud). Only copied over my contacts. Trying to keep this phone lean and mean.
#7 GoodEnough, Feb 4, 2016
Just enabled the battery percentage display.
#8 GoodEnough, Feb 5, 2016
Can I fit more icons into the desktop? They are pretty big.
I just installed free Nova Launcher, to fit more icons.
#9 GoodEnough, Feb 5, 2016 Last edited: Feb 5, 2016
If the icons are full size, they may be too cluttered. You should be able to shrink the icons to 90% size. I know Apex does this, I imagine Nove does it too :)
#10 The_Chief, Feb 5, 2016
With Nova Launcher Prime you can adjust the size of the icon and the size of the text under the icon. You can also adjust the number of rows and columns of icons displayed on each page.

... Thom
#11 Thom, Feb 5, 2016
I like the backup feature. Save to SD card and if you ever have to factory reset its a quick easy to get your desktop/home page back the way you like it.
#12 Jfalls63, Feb 5, 2016
If you're planning on updating to M do a factory reset of it, better yet get the phone, update it, then do a factory reset before you set anything up.

Also, turn off moto voice in accessibility if you don't want weird performance problems :)
#13 androidlover9, Feb 6, 2016
How do I turn off Moto Voice? It keeps picking up conversations.
Yet, in Accessibility, it says Moto Voice is off.
What app is responding to ambient conversations?
#14 GoodEnough, Jan 8, 2017
Might be Google, check for that too.
#15 Clementine_3, Jan 8, 2017
Moto Voice is turned on and off in the Moto app, open the app drawer and look for an App called Moto, accept the permissions and T&C if necessary and tap the 3 Stars in the upper right, then select Voice and change or turn off the options on that screen.
#16 acejavelin, Jan 8, 2017
Just replaced the battery in my Moto X Pure.
Capacity was at 1500mAh. Now, it's back to 3000mAh.
Pretty easy swap for $25. I got a curved battery.
Probably a fake OEM, but AccuBattery says it holds 3000mAh.
#17 GoodEnough, May 16, 2018