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Support I loved my Note 2 -- then dropped it: help on screen replacement req.

The good news is that the only thing broken is that beautiful screen...

It now sits behind a ziploc bag, shards safely contained.

I've been searching for a link on how to replace THIS screen, but haven't found any specific to it.

Should I rely on general instructions and go ahead with a comparable model's instructions?

Has any one replaced their screen yet?
Any ideas on the best place to acquire one?

Thanks very much!


#1 notenovice, Dec 1, 2012
Will this help?

Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement + Home Key Ribbon Flex - YouTube
#2 Note 2, Dec 1, 2012
Such a bummer! My heart goes out to you. I felt my stomach drop just reading your post. Hope things go well with the replacement!
#3 mntom, Dec 1, 2012

THANKS! I'm sure this will help --:)
#4 notenovice, Dec 1, 2012
Ditto what mntom said. He's wishing you the best with the screen replacement.
#5 ScandaLeX, Dec 1, 2012
How far did it drop, and onto what surface? How did it land?
Sorry for your loss.... :(
#6 rdalcanto, Dec 1, 2012
I am so sorry!!!!! Please keep us updated on your progress with screen replacement, as I am sure you wont be the only one who needs it :)
#7 Ibreakphones, Dec 1, 2012
Wow what a bitch, good luck with the repairs dude. :thumbup:
#8 OverByter, Dec 1, 2012
Not far -- table top to my foot, then to wood floor. Had taken it out of the protective case briefly bc the case doesn't allow the S pen to exit very smoothly.

I'd dropped my HTC Incredible before, with and w/o gel case, w no issues -- so I was pretty surprised such a short drop would do this. I guess it hit an edge...
#9 notenovice, Dec 2, 2012
Thanks --
Just ordered parts from ebay -- am doing finger exercises in preparation for the arrival.

Btw: Love your username :)
#10 notenovice, Dec 2, 2012
I guess I'm really not alone: that great video you posted doubled in views between last night and this morning.
#11 notenovice, Dec 2, 2012
Full coverage insurance, people. That's what it's there for. ;)
#12 Bonez, Dec 2, 2012
Wow, that's a lot. verrryyy scary that someone would take a perfectly good note 2 apart for a video.
#13 Note 2, Dec 2, 2012
at Verizon they charge $7 a month for the G Note 2FULL COVERAGE, stolen, lost, damaged, etc.....but you must pay $100 to get a new Phone

#14 ceva321, Dec 2, 2012

D: This is exactly what happened to me, except I was getting out of my car, and it my shoe, then the snow. I was pretty suprised at the amount of damage to the screen. I feel depressed everytime I look at it. I was going to take to a repair shop, but they all want $350 for it, and none of them have the parts to fix it, so I'd be waiting a few weeks.
#15 Rakshire, Dec 5, 2012

And worth every penny if you break it :) $100+(7x24)< $699.00+tax
#16 Goldchamp, Dec 5, 2012
How many of these drops are actually breaking the AMOLED or Digitizer? If it's minor enough that those are fine, just the glass is not to spendy. The whole digitizer/amoled unit is almost $300, but that will come down a lot with time if that part also breaks a lot.

Grey Front Screen Glass Replacement for Samsung Galaxy N7100 Note 2 Free Tool | eBay
#17 jasaero, Dec 5, 2012
Compared to the $15 bucks above if it's just the glass?? I would be fine with insurance if just fixing the device for free or getting you the part you need for free would be an option. And for what you pay in insurance that would be a viable thing to offer. I find fixing phones myself much cheaper than insurance. And that becomes more and more true as the phone reaches a certain peak parts supply age with very cheap parts available in many cases. Even the whole display/digitizer unit on this that is now $280 might get more toward that $100 replacement cost and if that's a year into your insurance payments you've already paid for that, but will have to give ANOTHER $100 to get a good device.
#18 jasaero, Dec 5, 2012
Deductible for insurance is $200 at Verizon and at&t I believe. Squaretrade offers $100 deductible I believe at $7 per month cost.

Replacing just the glass on the Note 2 looks to be extremely difficult. Hard to separate glass from digitizer without damaging it. From what I've seen online some people accomplished it but had air bubbles or large variances in touch screen sensitivity. Not worth it IMO.
#19 jhallas, Dec 6, 2012
Lost or stolen included? That's a great deal!
#20 Serpentine, Dec 6, 2012
I once took apart a PSP cause I wanted a pink housing instead of black. You should have seen all the extras parts I had lying around afterwards.

This taught me to embrace my limitations and accept some things just aren't meant to be done by everyone.

I never did replace that PSP. :p

Please keep us updated on your progress.
#21 ScandaLeX, Dec 6, 2012
LOL! Note to self; all micro electronics = buy insurance.
#22 Serpentine, Dec 7, 2012

Please if you are going to give out crucial information like this can you back it up with evidence? Perhaps the source of your information. I have yet to hear of this even on the S3 whose screen is practically the same construction as the note 2.
#23 Jay_Droid, Dec 7, 2012
I googled it and looked at discussions on forums. I also talked to a repair person who said the same thing. It is not an easy repair. Some of the ebay listings list instructions on how to do it which are very involved and still gloss over how sensitive it is. Almost all of the listings say that this is a very involved repair and should not be done unless you are an expert. This is the reason that if you call a repair place, they will quote you $200 for the part and not $35.

I have seen a guide where someone did it but they said it takes extreme patience, it took them 6 hours of work split over a few days and still resulted in getting dust and air bubbles between the glass and the digitizer as well as uneven sensitivity. A number of other people reported attempting and failing hard such that nothing worked afterwords. Again: not worth it IMO.

If you're less than 30 days (I think I've even heard 90 if it's from a retail store) you can buy Squaretrade insurance for $7 per month (unless you get a 20-30% discount code that's floating around) and pay $100 deductible...
#24 jhallas, Dec 7, 2012
Google is your friend.
#25 ScandaLeX, Dec 7, 2012