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I need a GBA BIOS

Seriously if you just goggled this I guarantee it would be your first result.
#3 skittlesV1, Jul 25, 2010
Exactly what I was going to say.

You own an Evo and don't know how to transfer file to it? What are you using the 8gb card for? How do you get your pictures off it?
#4 sitlet, Jul 25, 2010
Rather than talk crap it would have taken less effort just to help him out and tell him what he needed to know. This site is to more or less help each other out...anyone know why so many people want to talk crap to one another???:thinking:
#5 italianwjt, Jul 25, 2010
Yes I know how to move files to it but I didn't know if it would be better to download it directly to the phone or to my computer then move it to the phone. And I asked if anyone had a link to a good one because a lot of the ones out there are not very good at all, they break and crash or just don't work.
#6 An UrgeTo Dance, Jul 27, 2010
That particular video had an experienced user warn that many bios packages seemed viral, or as An UrgeTo Dance noted, are not very good - and that if you wanted to email him, he'd hook you up with the right stuff - his email appears as a text overlay.

I dispute that I simply googled and that was the top hit - because it simply wasn't, and I did obviously watch that vid and give it some thought - and I thought that engaging with someone successful would be helpful.

However - I'm often wrong about these things.
#7 EarlyMon, Jul 27, 2010
It doesnt matter, downloading is downloading.

It's illegal to post a link to that BIOS, which is why I said to Google it. I Googled it and has a working bios within 1 minute.
#8 sitlet, Jul 27, 2010
I don't understand why we cannot put up helpful links to help each other out... I don't see how providing a safe link to a file online is so wrong. So here it is buddy, sorry I am the only one that will help you. This is the file I am using for the "GameBoid" emulator:

#9 AndyCAPPS, Jul 27, 2010
Because it's ILLEGAL and against the forum rules to post them. It's really not that hard to type in "gba_bios.bin" into google and find a site to download it.
#10 sitlet, Jul 27, 2010

I am sorry how can I ever make penance to the forums for my horrible and inexcusable actions!?
#11 AndyCAPPS, Jul 27, 2010