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Instagram: Direct Message not showing some messages

Starting about a month ago my DMs will sometimes not display all of the messages sent to me by certain users (always their messages, my responses are always showing). Sometimes their messages will come back for a bit and then disappear again later. It also only happens for certain users not others.

I have:
- logged out/logged in
- deleted data
- uninstalled and reinstalled
and the problem persists.

Is this a known problem? Has anyone else encountered it and do you have a suggested solution?
Thanks for any help anyone can offer!!

set up: Nexus 5, Android 6.0.1


#1 BigBug, Jan 9, 2016
Did you Wipe Cache Partitions deleting all temporary files and not touching permanent files, apps, or settings?

This is typical step three in problem determination.

... Thom
#2 Thom, Jan 9, 2016
Ah ok thanks just did it! So far looks like an improvement. I will report back if the problem returns.

Again thanks for your fast response I appreciate it!
#3 BigBug, Jan 9, 2016
I do a Wipe Cache Partition every Saturday as part of weekly imminence.

... Thom
#4 Thom, Jan 9, 2016
Seems the fix was only temporary and now it is doing it again.

Has anyone experienced this or has other potential solutions?
#5 BigBug, Jan 13, 2016
I should add that I have a lot of messages, but pretty sure not having memory issues on my phone: 1.1G of 1.8G in use.

One other strange thing: the message will sometimes re-apppear for a bit, but then vanish again shortly after.
#6 BigBug, Jan 13, 2016 Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
Anyone find the solution or info for this? The exact same thing is happening to me now. It's happening across platforms clearly since I have an iPhone.
#7 hummingbird214, Oct 20, 2016
I have a similar issue, recently I am unable to send dm's in any way, I get the error message failed to send at all times now. Is there a limit to how many direct messages you are allowed to send? I might have inadvertently reached some kind of instagram limit I have a feeling.
#8 Gene21, Oct 23, 2016
Hi. Did you figure out anything about this? I have a similar problem.
I have logged out, uninstalled app. Restarted the phone, for some reason these brilliant ideas didn't work? Using iOS. Any updates?
#9 Mazin_Hussain, Mar 9, 2017
This happens when someone blocks you.
#10 hummingbird214, Mar 9, 2017
You are certain about this?
#11 Mazin_Hussain, Mar 10, 2017
Delete the conversation and try sending a new one.
#12 yamangrg, Mar 10, 2017
I was having the same problem today and I tried a lot of things (restart, uninstall and install again and others) and nothing seemed to work. Then, I decided to load all the conversation (one of the problematic ones) until the beginning and I realized all the messages were messy. The ones that disappeared were there, but in different spots in the conversation
#13 Lorena Fernandes, Mar 13, 2017
I guess we have to wait for new update to fix the problem.
#14 yamangrg, Mar 13, 2017
Hey! I had been having this problem as well recently. Patches od messages would disappear from some of my dms (mostly with my gf since I message her everyday). I actually went through and deleted a bunch of dms that aren't active. Try that. It gave me a bunch of my recent messages that disappeared. I don't know if it is only temporary but it doea give you some messages back. Hope this helps
#15 Galaxy Child, May 21, 2018
I use Instagram for my business and have been really affected by this. Messages will disappear, whole conversations with mine and the other persons messages not appearing. It will sometimes reappear but not usually and not permanently. I don't have any memory issues on my phone and everything is up to date, I have no idea what it could be. I've tried everything, reinstalling, updating, resetting my phone, etc and nothing works. It's been months and I've lost a lot of money because of this issue and not being able to reliably communicate..if anyone has a fix, it'd be greatly appreciated
#16 Klcarterphoto, Jun 7, 2018
I suggest deleting any other dms you have that may not be active. I had several dms that had not been used in months. I deleted them and got all my messages back. None of them have disappeared since ive done that
#17 Galaxy Child, Jun 7, 2018
Thank you!!!!! Deleting old messages worked!
#18 Klcarterphoto, Jun 7, 2018