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Intelli-Tipper: The Ultimate FREE Tip Calculator! [App]

Intelli-Tipper is a smart, powerful, and easy-to-use tip calculator. It can split bill, exclude tax from tip, round-off tip or total amount, and do many more.

Some of many features:
  • Tip excludes tax.
  • Splits bill for multiple diners.
  • Round-off tip or total amount.
  • Easily see tip percent for various tip and total amount.
  • Computes meal tax when pre-tax and post-tax bill amounts are given.
  • Determines if tip or total amount in whole number is best for you.

Intelli-Tipper calculates the tip based on your pre-tax bill amount, and then suggests a total amount for you. It also tells you how much each person should pay if you want to split the bill. You can manually control the tip and total amount using a slide-bar, which changes the corresponding tip percentage instantaneously.

ANDROID MARKET LINK: Click here to download Intelli-Tipper Tip Calculator





#1 rcwang, Jun 18, 2011
Intelli-Tipper version 1.1.4 is now available to download.
This change fixes a UI problem when numbers are too large.
#2 rcwang, Jun 21, 2011
this is the tip calculator I've always wanted! instead of you telling it a tip percentage (ex. 15%) and it returns you the exact (or rounded) total amount (ex. $35.28), this calculator allows you to do the reverse (adjust a slide bar to $36 and it'll show you something like 16.8%), which is much more useful! thanks for sharing this app!
#3 guava_man, Jun 27, 2011
Awesome, thanks! I want to get rid of the HTC tip calc widget I have now.
#4 SeekerOfTheWay, Jun 27, 2011
Intelli-Tipper version 1.2.1 is now available for download.
This version fixes layout issues when viewed from large screens such as Galaxy Tab.
#5 rcwang, Jul 2, 2011
Intelli-Tipper v1.3.0 is now available to download!
This version adds two options: To tip or not to tip on tax, it's your decision! :D
#6 rcwang, Aug 5, 2011
Intelli-Tipper Tip Calculator v1.3.1 is now available!
This version fixes some UI problems and minor bugs!
#7 rcwang, Sep 6, 2011