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Support Internal memory full, unable to move anything to sd card.

I have attempted all I can do to fix this. I contacted support through T- Mobile and they sugested I download a file manager, but I can't because I don't have enough memory to download one. I went as far as uninstalling other apps trying to get some memory, but all to no avail. Same with music I've downloaded. I didn't have a music manager, didn't know I needed one. On my old droidX I had no problems like this. I don't understand why I'm unable to move anything to the sd card or pull up any files. Truly at this point I wish I wouldn't have gotten this Galaxy Centura. I'm at the point of smashing it with a hammer. HELP???!!!


#1 HarmonicaBob, Nov 17, 2013
I have this phone through StraightTalk. I also have probs getting anything to install to the SD. Just pictures and music I sync through Windows Media Player. I don't even see where or how to save playstore apps to my sd. No help here, though, sorry.
#2 freakshow85, Nov 18, 2013
Have you tried connecting it to a computer and manually moving all your music to the external SD card? Then you may have room to download a file manager. I use ES File Explorer, it's free and very good. I download music on my laptop and transfer it to the external SD on my phone, just like an mp3 player. I also have the camera set to store all photos to the external SD by default. I only use about a dozen apps so I haven't ran into this problem, I still have 2.24GB internal memory free. I hope you find a solution!
#3 jmcook79, Nov 18, 2013
I'll try that just as soon as I can get to another computer- mine is on the fritz! I really appreciate the hopeful solution!!!!! Will let you know how it turns out.
#4 HarmonicaBob, Nov 18, 2013
I feel for you! It seems someone would have alresdy done SOMETHING to correct it. Oh well, we're just small fish in a big pond! Mabye you should check out the other post I got, mabye it will help. I hope so.
#5 HarmonicaBob, Nov 18, 2013
Since I don't have.a computer available I found I could delete my library of music, but even aftet I did.the memory is still full. Any iideas WILL be appteciated!!!!! And that's not the only problems I'm having, if you'll check my new post. THANKS!!!!!
#6 HarmonicaBob, Nov 19, 2013
Honesty at this point I think you should do a factory reset unless anyone else has any better suggestions.
#7 jmcook79, Nov 19, 2013
You know that's probably the toute I'm going to have to take, but I guess I'll have to bluetooth all my pics over to my droidX .
Listen, I really apreciate the info and the help. I was about ready to beat it with a hammer!!!
Thanks again,
I'll let you know how it turns out.:)
#8 HarmonicaBob, Nov 19, 2013
No problem I'm glad I could help :)
#9 jmcook79, Nov 19, 2013
I just thought of another tip to conserve storage space so I took a series of screenshots to share. I've disabled all the built-in Google apps that I will never use. This doesn't save space in itself, but what it does do is prevent these apps from updating and growing in size over time. In my case, I never use Google talk, magazines, books, YouTube, the live wallpaper picker, and many more pre-installed apps. I also don't use Gmail because I use the regular email client and add my yahoo mail and Gmail to it. Here are a series of screenshots on how to do this. Don't worry about the warning that if you disable a built-in app, other apps may not work right. If this does happen, you could always simply re-enable them. So far I have had no problems.

First on the home screen, touch the menu and select manage apps:

Then select all on the upper right side of this screen:

In this example I selected Google hangouts (formally Google Talk) First press clear data, then press uninstall updates.

Here is what you will see next. Don't worry, everything done here can be undone if you decide you want it back. Just press OK.

Then comes this screen, press OK again.

Now it will take you back to the list apps. In this case Hangouts reverted to Talk, but in most cases the name will stay the same. Just go back to the app which you uninstalled the updates and click Disable.

Now the app will no longer run (saving RAM) and will no longer update (saving space because updates are usually bigger than the original)

I hope you find this useful :)
#10 jmcook79, Nov 22, 2013
You want more room you should also clean out your DCIM\Thumbnails directory every once in a while. I had over 3200 thumbnails eating over half a GIG of space til I cleaned them all out.
#11 SteveCampsOut, Nov 22, 2013
I did what you suggested in disabling the built in google apps. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! It bought me enough room to download a file manager, now I'm able to move files to and from my sd card.
Whether you realize it or not, you have helped to keep my sanity in check and saved the android's life. Both were very close to being lost!!!:):thumbup:
#12 HarmonicaBob, Nov 28, 2013
I'm happy I could help! I'm new to android as well but I have experience with Linux so things are a little easier for me...but just a little because Android is so different. I'm glad I found this forum not only to get help but also because I enjoy helping others :)
#13 jmcook79, Nov 28, 2013
You sent me something about removing thumbnails awhile back when I didn't have any internal memory left in my phone. I actually found a different way to do what I needed to do, but I appreciate your input!
I do have a problem concerning thumbnails though! I accidently deleated some thumbnails and now I can't find a way to see the pics or the videos whete there are no thumbnails. What can I do?
#14 HarmonicaBob, Jan 31, 2014
I'm not really sure how to fix that but I'll look into it when I have some free time.
#15 jmcook79, Jan 31, 2014
Yea this stupid can't move any pics to my .sd card not even two month old phone
#16 Tyler will, Feb 2, 2014
IGo too androidarea51 theres a file u down load and then flash thru cwm too fix ur problem
#17 borytineo, Feb 6, 2014
I was also having problems moving anything to the SD card, it kept telling me it was emulated. I copied the few things I did have on it to my computer as a back and formatted the SD card and am now able to use a file manager app to move things there, it also allows me to choose to send pictures there if I change the setting while in camera mode. I am having other problems, like some of my files (pictures) keep getting messed up and it tells me a lot that I have to no thumbnails but I've checked and they are there. All in all I still like this phone and hope to keep it for a while yet. I just can't see paying a couple of hundred dollars (300) or more for a new phone.
#18 Cookie1977, Feb 24, 2014
I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of those apps since I got the phone, cause I never use them!! Thank you so much. If my other apps start having trouble, all I have to do is enable the ones I disable? I had tried uninstalling them and of course that didn't work. :)
#19 Cookie1977, Feb 24, 2014
You can do this without messing anything else up like your other pictures?
#20 Cookie1977, Feb 24, 2014
The problem is that the external SD card can really only be used to store media files (like photos, videos, and music), and as an ancillary storage area for some apps (but not all). You generally can't move apps to an external SD card because removing the card (purposely or accidentally) would then cause the app to fail and possibly destabilize the system. That being said, there are some apps that "SUPPOSEDLY" can move a whole app to the external SD card (search on Google Play for "app2SD"), but they often warn that it may not work on Android versions 4.0 or higher. (There are also ways to do this on rooted phones, but rooting is beyond my personal scope of knowledge.)
#21 compunrd, Aug 21, 2014
Screenshot_2015-03-17-09-51-27.png I really hope you guy's can help me with an issue I am having with gallery.

I download alot of images for FB and a few other apps that I have. After I upload the image to whatever app i'm using I delet it. I've done this probably a couple of hundred times so far.

Now I have this in my gallery download folder
#22 Ed Doan, Mar 17, 2015
#23 Ed Doan, Mar 17, 2015
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