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Root [International] Odin v.3.09

Just letting you know Odin v3.09 is out.

I won't post up any links as I had my nads throttled firmly in a vice the last time I did so on here.


#1 Hawker, Sep 10, 2013
What am I missing about this no links rule lately?
#2 Rudedawg, Sep 10, 2013
On the up side though, Hawker is now the lead singer in his church choir...

Hawker's choral piece

It really is about posting links to unknown or unreliable sources that may cause damage to your phone.

However, I don't think a link to Odin v3.09 poses a threat...

Of course, if I'm wrong, I'll be doing a duet with Hawker this Sunday! :flute:
#3 ironass, Sep 10, 2013