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IPS screen

Yes, And that goes for anything that runs continuously.
#2 KBU2, May 15, 2018 Last edited: May 15, 2018
Thanks very much :)
#3 Eyad Hamdy, May 15, 2018
I do think that the OP meant if it was harmful to the screen, not the person using it.

Keeping the screen on a static image can burn in the image so you will see a shadow of the image all the time. It will also generate more heat which can shorten the life of any of the components of the phone. By how much? No one can say for certain.
#4 lunatic59, May 15, 2018
Oh !!!!!
thanks so much for this info :)
#5 Eyad Hamdy, May 16, 2018
I thought that it was clear as I wrote anything that runs continuously but I guess that didn't sink in like I thought it would. I just added the extra as a precaution to show what else it happens as it runs continuously.
#6 KBU2, May 16, 2018