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Is GPS Free ??

It is free.
#2 DMXXX, Jul 28, 2010
Just to clarify...

GPS is free for positioning, BUT using google maps navigation will cost you in data as it has to download the map data.
Other dedicated GPS apps e.g. CoPilot store the maps on sd card so there are no ongoing data costs.
#3 nacatomi, Jul 28, 2010

well said !
#4 kredda, Jul 28, 2010
Would it charge me , if i used google navigation, but downloaded the data at home using wifi?
#5 kanay2000, Jul 28, 2010
I think you can precache your route over wifi to minimise data usage but if you go off route at any point it will start downloading map data.
#6 nacatomi, Jul 28, 2010
I guess I should have been clearer in my first post. Anyway just to warn you that Google Maps uses a lot of data: I used it to browse about a 5 square kilometre area and it DL-d about 2 MB worth of data. Without a data plan you can have some nasty bills that way.
#7 DMXXX, Jul 28, 2010
I dont doubt you, but just for clarity, as that sounds like a lot of data for 5sq km--at what level of browsing were you? maximum zoom? with satellite view? did you have traffic overlays? or, any other layers?
#8 kboya, Jul 28, 2010
I was using the default settings whatever they are. I was just messing around to see how it works. I did zoom a lot though.
#9 DMXXX, Jul 28, 2010
Theres where your high usage came from. Every time you zoom it has to download the map data for that zoom level and it gets more detailed the closer you zoom.

FYI I decided to test Navigation on the way home the other night after the recent update. With no precaching a ~12 mile journey with a couple of detours to test rerouting that took 30 mins used about 8MB of data at the default zoom apart from a couple of mins while I was stuck in traffic so had a play.
#10 nacatomi, Jul 28, 2010
I hope they fix it so that it stores all the mapping data on the sdcard.
#11 PARAD0X, Jul 28, 2010
It's never going to happen. Google = Cloud computing.

Call me Mr Suspicious but i would be surprised if we did not see location based advertising on Nav before much longer. Google haven't gone to all that effort for no return.
#12 wuthton, Jul 28, 2010
There is a java based free solution that you can store all maps from nearly everywhere in the world on your sd card.
As the Desire is according to specs java capable, i can't see any reason it won't work.

#13 anoniemouse, Jul 28, 2010