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Root Is it possible to Root Verizon HTC One Max on OTA 4.4.2???

I have a Verizon HTC One Max running OTA 4.4.2. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader, S-Off and Root? If so, can someone post a step by step. I have not been able to find a process that works successfully. Tried Rumrunner and firewater with no success. Is there something I may be missing. Thanks in advance.


#1 wilsonad664, Jul 8, 2014
Nvm. Figured it out. Forgot to set adb shell to su
#2 wilsonad664, Jul 9, 2014
Got tired of waiting on Verizon. I am now Rooted and S-Off on my Verizon HTC One Max. Sideloaded the Official RUU Sense 6 update for Verizon HTC One Max. Found only additional bloat is that all keyboard languages are now pre-loaded. Phone response and Blinkfeed is faster and smoother. Added BusyBox Pro and XPosed Framework to install Sense 6 Toobox, Lockscreen, and KitKat SD Card Access Mods. Phone is even more better now. Battery life for me is still about the same as when I first got the phone if the slightly better. Only been running this for 2 days so will update in a few weeks.

#3 wilsonad664, Jul 11, 2014
Hi, I'm in the boat you were in a few months ago, could you please clarify which process or processes you used to ultimately root? Did you unlock boot loader via Did you use RumRunner? Was there a specific guide you followed? I've rooted a host of phones (other brands) successfully but, this seems like such an arduous process just to gain root. I also read somewhere that there may be a "One-Click Root" method available, any info would be greatly appreciated. I love this phone better than my TouchWiz ladened (like rat poison) Galaxy Note 3.
#4 SoXratys, Oct 12, 2014
Hi, would it be possible for you to provide the steps you took? I am having a terrible time with my verizon phone. thank you
#5 PJ57, Aug 17, 2015
PJ57 x2! Any help ?
#6 pba30, Dec 9, 2015