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Is it possible to run Android on an iPad 2?

Here is a guide to run Android ICS on ipad 2
How To Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4 On iPad 1 And 2

For further reading consider:
Forget Samsung's Tab -- run Android on your iPad | Computerworld Blogs

Though it's a waste and you'll be having an Android experience which is slow and laggy
#2 AndroidProf, Jul 27, 2014
why buy an Apple product for the high price then put Android on it? seems a bit off...
#3 nickdalzell, Jul 27, 2014
I've had an ipad for awhile now and I love iOS, but I was hoping I could get the best of both worlds by adding Android too.
#4 GAMESHARQ, Jul 27, 2014
You won't get the 'best of both' doing that.
#5 chanchan05, Jul 27, 2014
IOS works just fine on the iPad plus you don't need to void any warranties. Unless you just want to tinker, keep iOS.
#6 boyo1991, Jul 27, 2014
Bringing this back up since I just re acquired two iPad 1's I purchased as gifts 6 or 7 years ago. Since the newest update available (and forever will be) is iOS 5.1.1 the people I bought them for have upgraded to newer tablets that actually have apps available for them and asked if I wanted them back, since I'm known as a tinkerer.

Being stuck on 5.1.1, even jail broken, is like I broke out of my jail cell, but am still locked on the cell block. Sure I can poke around a bit at my surroundings, but I ain't going anywhere. I'm still not free. I can't even download the weather network app as it requires 8.1 minimum. There's about maybe 1 in 10 apps I want, that I can actually have.

On the other hand the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inch I bought for myself a year or so after I bought the iPads, while the newest official Samsung ROM is 4.0.4 I run it on an XDA developed 5.1.1 Lollipop and have access to every app available from the playstore, or any apk from any other source.

Why the heck wouldn't people like me want to put Android on my old iPad and at the very least make it usable?
#7 atmu5fear, Jan 8, 2016
Because it won't work as well, will be laggy and will have all sorts of problems since there isn't any existing base framework for the hardware from an Android standpoint.
#8 chanchan05, Jan 9, 2016
I dont think so that it will work on iOs.
#9 Mark Peterson, Jan 21, 2016