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Root Is there a way to run all apps off sd card? *Solved*

Is there a way to run all apps off sd card? I tried apps2sd and when i move them to sd they don't work anymore.

Does anyone have a solution for this or is this even possible?

Thanks for all input.:D


#1 RedBeansNrice, Mar 14, 2012

I'm sure that this will work on the Admire, but I don't know if it'll work on your ROM. Search for Dark Tremor A2SD here on the forum and the Web. What it does is create symbolic links in the system and them moves apps to the sd card, thus freeing up a lot of room on the phone. All the apps are on the sd, but the phone thinks they are on the phone. It comes in a flashable zip file that you flash from recovery.
#2 alfick3, Mar 14, 2012
Thanks, I checked it out, but Dark Tremor apps2sd doesn't work for stock roms.

But I did find a solution. Its a free app called Link2SD. All that is required is that you create a partition on your sd card. Whats great about it is that all apps can be run off the sd card including widgets. This is something that couldn't be done with native apps2sd. Just select the apps you want to move and select "create link" and it will move the file to the sd card and create a symbolic link to the system.

Here's the Link2SD QR:


I used CWM to create the partition. If anyone reading this decides to follow, make sure you back up all sd card data to PC, as creating the partition will wipe all data from sd card.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to create the partition.

1. Backup your SD card data to PC before start partitioning.
2. Boot into recovery
3. Use volume down button to go down to ‘advanced’.
4. Then press home button.
5. Select ‘Partition SD Card’.
6. Select the ext size that you want (128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M or 4096M).
7. Select 0M as the Swap Size. Once its done.
8.Power off phone
9.Remove sd card from phone and hook it up to your computer.
10.Put your files back on your sd card.
11.Put your sd card back into your phone and boot up
That’s all.

Note: Link2sd will ask which ext you want to mount, it failed to mount when i chose ext.3, but works good on ext.2.

#3 RedBeansNrice, Mar 16, 2012

This freed up 130mb on internal memory! Check it out
#4 RedBeansNrice, Mar 16, 2012
I'm interested to know if your phone remains stable after a couple days, also which apps you moved especially any system apps.

There are some apps which probably need to be loaded before others and moving them to the sd card may cause instability. Please post a list of those system apps which you moved and any problems and solutions to them if possible. Thanks a ton, I've been looking for a solution to the lack of internal memory on the Admire and it looks like you may have solved it.
#5 bart2201, Mar 21, 2012
I've rooted & installed CWM & Titanium, running the stock ROM (GB 2.3.4). Trying to move a system app didn't sit too well with my phone, so I didn't force the issue (I only tried it on one app, don't remember which one). Would running a custom ROM be any different (I'm still learning as I go)?
#6 DealerMan, Mar 24, 2012
#7 bart2201, Mar 25, 2012
I linked all my user apps to sd card. Link2sd won't let you link system apps, so no worries. It runs great man, no lag or anything; very stable just like they were on internal memory. Try it and you'll be pleased. Here's screen shots of my linked apps:

#8 RedBeansNrice, Mar 26, 2012
i get this message on all ext. [Mount script error can not be created mount invaild argument] is there something i need to do beside partition the sd card
#9 pvd504, Mar 26, 2012
Reboot and try to remount it as ext.2. If this doesn't work, idk:(
#10 RedBeansNrice, Mar 27, 2012
Well I did as you instructed, copied sd card to pc, created extenson then copied data from pc back to sd card. Now I can't get the phone to recognize the apps from the sd card. It won't load them, I can see them as greyed out images . I can't even do a restore using the nandroid back ups. How can i fix this?
#11 bart2201, Mar 28, 2012
You must leave the apps on internal memory, not move them to the sd card. Link2sd will not be able to link them to the sd card if they are already on the sd card. They must be on internal memory before it will work. Nor will the phone recognize them on the sd card. So reinstall the apps to the phone's internal memory. Once they are installed, go into link2sd and select the apps you want to move to sd card and press "create link". Do not select "move to sd card", instead just press "create link" and link2sd will move them and create the symbolic link. Hope this helps man.
#12 RedBeansNrice, Mar 29, 2012
#13 Country Dad, Mar 30, 2012
Did it....165 out of 206 free.. Helz Yeah
#14 Country Dad, Mar 30, 2012

Here is what I noticed. If you do Gmail and and Playstore (Market), The Playstore tends to be kind of funny, It started giving me issue when trying to downloads apps. Gave be 2 or 3 Different errors. so I have to put those to ( Gmail and Market) back to normal and reboot. Now market will let me download aps. Maybe its just my phone, but if someone has this issue, then there you go.
#15 Country Dad, Mar 31, 2012
Welp, got the SD card formatted. The only problem I'm running into now (which isn't really a problem because I'll just do it a different way) is that once it's formatted in EXT, Windows won't recognize it and tells you that you need to format the SD card before you can use it. So copying back the files isn't that easy. I think it'll have to be done via the USB cable.

Edit: I could be wrong...I have a 2 GB card and tried to format using the 2048 option, but it said "done" right away. Then the phone said I had a damaged SD card and should reformat it. So, I'm trying it again but chose the 1024 option and it's not going as quickly this time.
#16 raiden89, Mar 31, 2012
try using gparted to formatt and create a fat32 partition i believe that would work
#17 quechon, Mar 31, 2012
You have to have 2 partitions on the sd card. If you have a 2 gig card you should prolly do 500 mb ext.2 partition and the rest fat32 (that's just a suggestion you could do 1 gig and 1 gig). Both partitions must be primary. Windows will recognize the fat32 partition but will ignore the ext.2.

Since windows won't recognize your sd card you need to do this.

Install this (HDD Low level format tool) LLFsetup.2.36.1181.exe on your PC, remove the card from your phone and plug it to your computer and clear the card using this software.

Then install this (MiniTool Partition Wizard) pwhe7.exe on your PC and create 2 PRIMARY partitions. One Fat32 and the other ext.2.

Then copy your files back to your sd card and insert the card into your phone and reboot. Your Good ;).
#18 RedBeansNrice, Mar 31, 2012
Yeah, I learned the hard way when i flashed a rom to try it, then went back to my nandroid backup. I didn't have a launcher. My stock launcher was frozen and my launcher pro was linked to my sd.

I recommend leaving your launcher, google play store, Titanium backup, and your widgets on the internal memory, and make a nandroid back up. That way if you flash something and want to go back you could redownload any apps through the play store and restore your apps with titanium backup and you won't be stuck like I was. That was my only back up too.

For anyone in a no launcher situation, I fixed it by downloading android sdk and installing the launcher pro apk using adb. I placed the laucher apk in my platform-tools folder and used this command: adb install nameof.apk

And it worked! :D
#19 RedBeansNrice, Mar 31, 2012
I used the Link2Sd app and it is really good. It allowed me to increase the amount of apps that I can install in my samsung intercept, since before I only could intall less than 20 apps, and then the phone started freezing. I got 30 installed so far now, and still got more than half internal memory available.
I also use the Speed Boost app to max out the processor (need to root the phone first). I'm also using Root Unistaller to delete bloatware apps like Virgin Music, Downlads, Where, and all those stock useless apps that take space in your small internal memory. I even deleted google voice search since I never use it. Google Talk, G-chat, and a bunch of other useless apps.
The windows application Mini Tool was the one I used to partition the 2gb sdhc card in my phone, and I allocated 1gb for FAT file system, and 1gb for ext2 file system, and the phone recognized both without problem. The FAT partition will store all your files and crap, and the ext2 is the one Link2SD will use to run all your apps, but it will be invisible to your phone so, nothing will be disturbed or deleted by accident.
I would advise that you root your phone first (look for good rated videos on youtube to help you step by step), so you can install Titanium Backup and do a backup before you do all of this, just in case you screw up. Also, rooting will help you delete all tha crap apps that your carrier thought you might like lol.. anyway. Don't delete anything in your system apps that you don't know for sure what it is, or you might ruin your phone. But, in case you screw up, do a restore with Titanium Backup.
#20 Shadow300, Apr 2, 2012