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General Is there any dual SIM version compatible with Verizon?

I've been looking into getting an S7 or S7 Edge (my time table just moved up considerably as the lower 20% of my old S4 stopped working yesterday, making it all but impossible to use the keyboard) and am interested in the dual sim feature, as I travel overseas a lot and hate switching out sim cards constantly (I want to be able to use a local sim of whatever country I am in for cheap data, while getting texts sent to the number of my usual home cell). The problem is, I see little to no mention of this on US carrier web pages, and while I know I can order an Asian or European model from Amazon that is definitely dual sim compatible, those don't seem to be compatible with Verizon (unfortunately the only major carrier with decent service in my neighborhood at home). Are there any models of the S7 or S7 Edge that work with Verizon and let me use two sims? Thanks!


#1 nivekious, Jun 20, 2016
According to this PC Magazine article ...


Looks like you're out of luck. :(
#2 lunatic59, Jun 20, 2016
Ugh, that sucks! Thanks for the link though! I wish Verizon would give up on the CDMA thing already and catch up with the rest of the world.
#3 nivekious, Jun 20, 2016
That's the reason why I stick with AT&T. In the U.S. it doesn't really matter that much, but if you go anywhere else, you're SOL with VZW.
#4 lunatic59, Jun 20, 2016
Yeah, I wish I could go to AT&T or T-Mobile but the coverage just isn't as good in my area. Just to clarify, I should still be able to use foreign sims in the Verizon Galaxy S7 as long as I only use one sim at a time right? I was able to do that just fine with my S4.
#5 nivekious, Jun 20, 2016