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Root Jelly Bean ROM for Fascinate is here

So far everything is functional with some exceptions. A tip to those flashing this, if encounter issues downloading apps via the Play Store. Sign out of your Google account and re-sign in and it should be solved.

Its not buttery smooth yet until we get a viable kernel for this ROM, until then cheers for Jelly Bean.
#2 Lightswarm, Jul 25, 2012
This is what I'm waiting for...

#3 MrDangerous, Jul 26, 2012
Been loving some jelly bean . ITS THE S%$@
#4 BDogg718k, Jul 27, 2012
BDogg, how would you compare Jelly Bean with ICS? Most curious.
#5 BmanCV60, Jul 30, 2012
Jelly Bean far superior IMO!
#6 BDogg718k, Jul 30, 2012
AOKP It is then. Just going to flash it.
#7 Lightswarm, Jul 31, 2012
I'm having some problems flashing this ROM. Every time I try to install from the SD card it gets stuck in a boot loop at the Samsung logo. Here is what I did:

1. Returned stock Gingerbread using this thread [HOW TO] Return to Stock (EH03 Gingerbread)

2. Installed Clockwordmod Recovery using odin (this version -

3. Rooted my Samsung Fascinate

4. WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition)

5. Installed CM 10 rom from SD Card

Here is where It gets stuck in a loop at the samsung logo. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I was able to install CM7 just fine, but trying to upgrade to CM10 or installing CM10 on a fresh phone I get stuck. Any ideas?
#8 kvandagriff, Aug 1, 2012
AOKP Jellybean on a Samsung Fascinate - YouTube - Video of AOKP on my Fascinate
#9 MrDangerous, Aug 2, 2012
Okay first is you'll need CWM fixed for CM7. Its specifically for Cyanogen Mod ROMS, the others won't work and will result in potential brickage. So first read through my entire post and place the all the ROM files in your SD card as you will be flashing them via CWM later on.

Also a good way to start off is flashing and KEEPING Team Hacksung's Build 2 then upgrade to CM10. Its not a must but alot of the other roms like MIUI used THS Build 2 as their base so in case you'd like switching its best to keep it in your SD Card.

Now on topic, you'll need to start off with going back to Stock Ginger bread.

Before flashing anything, I highly recommend you to do the 3 Wipes. (Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cahe) This is a must in my book, make backups if you so feel like doing it. Personally I use Titanium Backup, I'm not a fan of Nandroid Backups.

1. Root via Odin.
2. Push CWM Fixed for CM7 via Odin.
(Do not flash these via CWM! Use Odin, and make sure that you've installed your Samsung Fascinate Drivers!)

3. Reboot and then Boot into recovery via 3 button combo.
4. After downloading THS Build 2 -( Its basically ICS) and moved it to your SD card, Choose Zip from File and flash it.
5. Reboot.
6. Now you're going to do a soft boot into recover (hold the power button -> Reboot -> Recovery)
7. You can choose to do the Three Wipes again if you'd like.
8. Flash CM10 ROM.

All should go well. Any questions?


CWM fixed for CM7 - [HOW TO] Upgrade to CyanogenMod7

THS Build 2 (ICS) - [ROM][ICS][IML74K] teamhacksung's ICS Port for Fascinate (BUILD 5) [01/14] - Fascinate Development - RootzWiki

THS Jelly Bean ROM CM10 - [ALPHA][ROM][4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 for Samsung Fascinate - Updated 07/29 - Fascinate Development - RootzWiki

AOSP Jelly Bean ROM - [ALPHA][ROM] AOSP JellyBean 4.1.1 [7/30/12] - Fascinate Development - RootzWiki

*Note on the AOSP Jelly Bean ROM, flash this after flashing THS CM10.
#10 Lightswarm, Aug 2, 2012
This sounds like it should clear everything up! Thanks! Just a couple questions.

1. What is the difference between the two jellybean ROMS you have listed. I must flash THS then AOSP correct?

2. I currently have THS build 15 of ICS on my phone now, how much to you prefer jelly bean over it?

Again, thanks a lot man!
#11 kvandagriff, Aug 3, 2012
1. Yes, THS first then flash AOSP. You are correct at that. AOSP's Alpha Jelly Bean ROM runs much more fluid and feels like project butter was at its best on it. They work perfectly fine but I'd recommend AOSP. You'll probably see why when you flash THS.

2. So I had THS Build 15 as well and if I put it side by side with AOSP's JB ROM, you're basically eliminating all the studdering and lag in ICS and making your experience a whole lot better. Also felt that you're using less RAM, not sure if that's true.

So if you have any questions, please ask. It minimizes bricking and plus you get to learn more and perhaps teach others as I do.
#12 Lightswarm, Aug 3, 2012
Thanks for bearing with me, I am new to all this and it was hard to find a straight forward guide when searching around. Hopefully this can help others looking for answers as well. Going to try to flash this tomorrow!

I'm assuming that as new builds are released, I can just wipe data and flash the new build?? (Ofcourse backing up my apps first)
#13 kvandagriff, Aug 3, 2012
Yeah I really couldn't find a good guide either, I had to make some mishaps first, I'm glad to be of assistance. Let's see... you are correct at that. Be sure to do triple wipe (Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache) and that's the golden rule lol.

Then of course flash by all means the ROM of your liking, same goes for kernels but we're kind of waiting for a viable kernel compatible with the newer Jelly Bean ROMs.

Use Titanium Backup, I haven't had much luck with the Nandroid backups. Guess what I did? I did a nandroid backup on CM9 and then restored on a MIUI ROM, bad idea. Immediately got me into a disastrous bootloop, and had to ODIN back to GB. So ask questions, and learn from other's mistakes before you make your own :D
#14 Lightswarm, Aug 4, 2012
**I resolved all of my problems, which were most user error on my part. The play store was fixed by just simply logging out and back in.** thanks again for all hour help! Jelly bean is running like a charm, already better than ICS IMO.


I got jellybean running on my phone finally! (thanks to your guide) Although whenever I download anything from the play store I get


"App" could not download due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0])

Any ideas?

EDIT: So i booted my phone into CWM recovery to check if I had the right gapps file on my phone (which I did) so I didn't flash or even change anything. But now I am stuck in it. When I hit reboot system now it just boots back into CWM instead of my device. ***After a bit of looking around it looks like using the 3 finger boot into recovery is a big no no....woops. Looks like I'm going back to stock and reflashing jelly bean. At least I know how to do it this time :)
#15 kvandagriff, Aug 4, 2012
Great everything should be just as smooth as butter now. Enjoy the JB ROM.

I should've heeded you with some advise like never do the 3 button combo on ICS nor JB, it has the soft recovery set via power button or that signing in and out and in again of Google Play Store will enable you to download applications but it seems like you've learned the hard way!

And if you know somebody else who is having problems or would love to start rooting their Fascinate to JB, you can at least help them out now!

#16 Lightswarm, Aug 4, 2012
O.K.....I am enticed to make a move to the jellybean. I have had my Fascinate for almost 2 years and have been rooted with Eb01 2.2.1 Froyo with kernel for forever. I am still new in my experience with all the techniques to updating, so I wanted to do the homework first before carrying a brick. My question is, can I go from my current setup to jellybean or do I need to hop-scotch to gingerbread or ice cream sandwich first? Any help you could lend will be appreciated. Than you.
#17 kx232, Sep 9, 2012
You'll definitely want to push GB via ODIN first and CWM via ODIN as well. Next on the previous Page or so. You need to flash iCS. Well wait you know what, I'll make a brand new thread on a guide to flashing JB later so please bear with me for a couple of hours as I go through school.
#18 Lightswarm, Sep 12, 2012
Lightswarm, your guide helped me flash CM10 Jelly Bean on my Fascinate having never updated anything before. Thanks. It did take me 6 hrs to figure out. I did have trouble using the reboot from ICS to JB because it did that thing where it doesn't recognize my SD card, but I got around that by doing to flash from CWM recovery.

So, my only remaining problem, I can't figure out how to download apps from the Google Play Store. I saw you said to log out and log back in, but I cannot figure out how to do that or did it wrong. Please help. How do I log out of Google Play? Do you mean log out from a computer or from the phone?
#19 dextermichigan, Sep 15, 2012
BTW, I should have said, as a complete noob to changing ROMS, I used a combination of Lightswarms advice and this one

I decided for the fun of it I would try installing HellyBean. It worked pretty easy, even installed from the SD card from the reboot/recovery from within CM10. I wish I had told it to keep the CM10 bootscreen instead of the unimpressive HB bootscreen, but maybe I can figure out a way to change that once I figure out how to use some of the backups like CWD/TitaniumBackup/Nandroid. I have never tried those yet and would rather not lose all of my apps that I just reinstalled. My problem with Google Play resolved itself as soon as I installed Hellybean.

No problems so far. I have noticed that the Fascinate hard button backlighting has been on a couple of times so far when the phone was just sitting around doing nothing, but so far the battery life is good and the performance is better than my stock from the factory Gingerbread.

Thanks guys. I will make a point to read in here more regularly.

Any one know how to replace the boot ani (and where to get one better than the HB one, blah) and whether I have to reflash/wipe everything to do it?
#20 dextermichigan, Sep 16, 2012
I followed the steps above and was able to get Jelly Bean on my wifes old Fascinate. The last post included a link to XDA that has instructions for installing other ROMs once on Jelly Bean I believe. I have a question - can I download any of the ones listed (like JellyBro, Paranoid Android JB or Baked Blackbean) and place them onto my SD card and easily switch back and forth just by booting into recovery and selecting which ever one I want?

#21 TheGoodKid, Sep 17, 2012
Can you please help me???

I currently have the Samsung Fascinate with a Teamhacksung ICS ROM installed, the build date was March 20th 2012. Its has been really flakey lately and time to update to something better.
I'd like to instal Jelly Bean CM10 ROM. Can you give me some help with a step by step to follow to get this installed or should I just follow instructions from earlier posts??

#22 Xracer44, Sep 18, 2012
I followed the guide and all went Great!!!

Thanks to all who posted...
#23 Xracer44, Sep 18, 2012
To anyone who wants to change the boot animation for their fascinate, follow this link:
[Boot Animation] [12/04/11] A Huge Collection of Boots ~ Updated - xda-developers

I'm a noob, but I figured out that since I am running HB Devil Recovery which is built off the CM7/CM10 recovery, that I needed to choose the boot animations for CM7 (MTD).

Just reboot CM10/HellyBean to the recovery menu, and install from SD. I recommend the ICSboot, Galaxus, and Resonance, which worked well on my fascinate. I really liked some of the others, but they made my phone boot very slow and the image hung.

Good Luck. Very happy now. Thanks to everyone.
#24 dextermichigan, Sep 19, 2012
Wow, I'm glad you guys found my small guide useful. Hope everyone is enjoying that Jelly Bean goodness!!

For further questions send me a private message! I'm usually over at the Spectrum section and I don't exactly visit much here around the Fascinate forums so its much faster to reach me by pming me.

Perhaps I'll make a separate guide later for those who are still with the Fascinate.
#25 Lightswarm, Sep 27, 2012