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Support K7 Gyro Sensor Problem

My LG K7's gyro sensor won't work but I know it isn't broken because it does work in Minecraft PE but appears to be only that game, and the display will rotate when I turn the phone 180 degrees. Anyone know why its doing this or how to fix?


#1 FazeClan, Sep 27, 2016

As you can see by the screenshot below, the LG K7 does NOT have a gyroscope, which is why apps that require a gyroscope won't work.

#2 JaronH, Sep 27, 2016
The store said it was a K7 but it must be something else then because I can confirm my phone has a gyro sensor because it was working a week ago. Thanks for your speedy help though.
#3 FazeClan, Sep 28, 2016