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Check the Smart Lock setting under Security.
#2 PitCarver, Apr 15, 2018
Thank you. That's where it is. Here's a screenshot of the page.

I see no way to turn it on, or to say yes to any or all the options. (I just want to keep it open when I'm at home. The others seem risky.)

What am I missing?
#3 pdkrones, Apr 15, 2018
Your screenshot doesn't show, but when you get to smart lock click on trusted places. Then click on add trusted place, follow the prompts.
#4 PitCarver, Apr 15, 2018
For some reason. My prompts are slightly different than you describe. But when I get to the appropriate page I have actually done it! even though I have no place to tap 'accept'. It works once I get there.

What was giving me trouble was that it times out after 4 hours and one has to use a password or pattern once again, after which it becomes active. Anyhow, the long and the short of it, I think it's working for me now.

#5 pdkrones, Apr 16, 2018
The title of this thread... :D

#6 mikedt, Apr 16, 2018
Ha! You should see some of my others typos. Some both imaginative and unbelievably insulting!
#7 pdkrones, Apr 16, 2018
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#8 PitCarver, Apr 16, 2018
I was trying to ignore it.
My typos are epic, at times.
#9 PitCarver, Apr 16, 2018
I corrected it. Thanks for taking a mild ribbing in stride OP. Oh, and if this site banned for spelling and/or grammar I would have been gone after my first post. :p
#10 Unforgiven, Apr 16, 2018
Have a beauty! This was fun.
#11 pdkrones, Apr 16, 2018
Should have left it...
We all knew what you meant.
#12 PitCarver, Apr 16, 2018
Our regulars do, and it isn't them I worry about. Plus, anyone with the same question comin gin from google will now be able to find the answer. :)
#13 Unforgiven, Apr 16, 2018
Good point!
#14 pdkrones, Apr 16, 2018
I guess... im not sure about that.png
#15 PitCarver, Apr 16, 2018