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Kik Messaging - Don't Recognize a Contact??

Okay, so I downloaded Kik to try out and don't actually use it. But I occasionally get a notification saying I have a message. When I check the message, it's from Kik saying they found one of my contacts is a Kik user. (I assume this happens when someone in my phone's contacts downloads the app.)

Well, I do recall that it allows you to enter your own user name. So, if I get this message, and I don't recognize the name, do you suppose it is someone I have in my contacts list's phone number, but they've made a fictitious name? And if so, how in the world do I find out who they are without directly asking? Curiosity is killin me. I want to know who's bein shady. LOL


#1 Puddin422, Jun 2, 2013
I think it would work like WeChat/Line, where despite having a user name, you can view their profile and pic to see who it is? And you can also see their phone number
#2 chanchan05, Jun 2, 2013
But how do you see the phone number? I'm not sure you can in Kik.

This person doesn't have a profile pic yet. And if it is someone being shady, I doubt they'll put a real one up. I even searched facebook and google for this name and come up blank.

***Edit. Nevermind. Just found this:

#3 Puddin422, Jun 2, 2013
Well, damn. This is still bugging the hell out of me. I can go to my contacts list and tell it to show on Whatsapp people. I wish Kik allowed that. I'm not finding any way to connect a user in Kik to your contacts list other than the fact that Kik says they're in there. :/
#4 Puddin422, Jun 3, 2013