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KK 4.4 System Update "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped."

Well it's my fault, I did not back up my rooted phone <insert shame here>. I was using an uninstall program to remove junk apps and was very sleepy. My fingers, not ME, uninstalled System Update. However, it did not move the files to anywhere! I have tried putting what I think is the correct files back to \system\apps\ and then also system\priv-apps\. Those are:
Samsung account Syncmlds.apk and odex "or it won’t let you in to update" says one website
Software update Syncmldm.apk and odex "or it won’t let you in to update"
also Synchml.svc just for good luck.

I cleared the cache and delvik cache, but to no avail. I am probably missing something. I have been all over the web for hours and I am sure I am just missing a file. Maybe since the updates were turned off when the uninstall program "moved" them. No dice. I hope some brilliant or innovative soul can bail me out. Thanks!


#1 kelly11111, Mar 26, 2017
It will help people if you tell us what phone you have, since nobody can provide files or links to ROMs without that information.

I'm also not sure what you mean about moving (or not moving) files. Uninstall should mean delete, not move. Where are you getting the "replacement" files from? And if the phone totally broken, or is it just the system update mechanism (which isn't much use once the phone is rooted)?

I'm afraid that I'm not that familiar with Samsungs, so if this involves Samsung-specific apps (which your post implies) I doubt I can give much advice. Hopefully someone more familiar with your device will read this.

Otherwise the quickest way may be to reflash your ROM. If you can find a copy of the stock ROM that can be flashed using a custom recovery then that would be all you'd need, or a custom ROM if you don't mind doing a factory reset. Or else locate the stock firmware at and reflash the phone completely (would mean having to re-root).

And yeah, as you now know, never touch /system at all without making a nandroid backup first.
#2 Hadron, Mar 27, 2017
Galaxy S3 (Sprint flavored SPH L710). (You mean there are other phones?)

Yes the uninstall program simply moves the file into some other directory, deleting it in the process. Restoring the file manually to its regular directory (\system\data\, etc) USUALLY restores its function. Simple enough. In the process of course you switch off the write protection to transfer it back. I use Root Explorer.

I also put them in \system\priv-app\ because important files are found there too. Maybe they go in a 3rd weird location, not sure.

It appears to be rather generic among a (S3) line of Galaxy flavors, so I grabbed files
SyncmlDS.apk, SyncmlDM.apk, SyncmlDS.odex, and SyncmlDM.odex associated with "System Update" from Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)/System Dump/ME1/app/
but I must have missed a rogue file or something.

I could reflash the ROM but I would lose hours of customization and wanted to learn how it works. Besides some ROMs, not the stock ones, don't have all the system files but the real reason is I always do things the hard way!

Anyone looking on feel free to pitch in!
#3 kelly11111, Mar 27, 2017