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We seriously need more people on here! So I guess I'll just give my review! (I'm new btw!)

1st: This phones battery life is awesome! I had an Alcatel One Touch Evolve, that phone is HORRIBLE! With this phone I get about 6-7 hours of use:)

2nd: Software: I had a choice between this or an F6. The reason at was because how slick the UI was compared to the F6 (Also the the Kit Kat is a nice compliment)

3rd: Data Speed: this phone has 4G, Not LTE, But it has some very solid data speed. The highest I've gotten so far is 12 Mbps. I'm in Miami so the coverage is great :)

4th: Camera: So as you may know, this phone has 5MP (Or megapixels if you'd like) and 480p recording. Picuture taking is great, especially with macro setting. Recoring is, well, Pretty bad :thumbdown:

I'm going to continue updating this post and leave your experiences with this phone down below, Thanks :D


#1 9000cody, Apr 28, 2014
thanks for this quick review man. I'm thinking about getting the l70 today mainly because of kitkat lol but it's nice to know even though it's not lte it has decent data speeds.
#2 KageBeast, Apr 28, 2014
No problem! My mom got the F6 and she gets around 18 Mbps, but to be honest, I don't really need that much as long as I'm over 5 mbps. I've shown plenty of people with iPhones and they really like how th phone feels from the lock screen to the going to the app drawer, Etc. Only downside right now is that the video quality is 480p, Yep that's right, not even HD. I don't mind it really but still. Now the picture taking is pretty sweet and I have no complaints, I have noticed that LG seems to make great cameras when it comes to picture taking, My LG Esteem was great!
#3 9000cody, Apr 28, 2014
I've had this phone for a couple of days now. Battery life is pretty awesome, but when it gets down on charge things start going very slowly (even with battery saver turned off).

It's pretty lacking in RAM, 1GB to start but the OS is using 517MB of that (411MB free). YMMV of course, depending on what you've got running in the background. These numbers were after running the stop all command in the native task manager. Internal storage reported as 1.48GB, though I didn't check to see how much of this was from the native apps.

It runs 4.4.2 (shipped to me with 4.4.1) on MetroPCS's network. No dual SIM or NFC like the initial LG L70 tech specs have stated, but everything else seems to be the same (model number LGMS323). I've gotten the full 21 Mbps HSPA+ in the middle of Atlanta. Coming from 2.3.4 on the LG Connect, it has a bunch of neat features, quickbars, etc.

Once a root comes out and the bloatware can be removed, this will be an awesome phone. I can't find USB Debugging anywhere though.
#4 AWaterFountain, Apr 29, 2014
One thing I'd like to mention from that is the reminder of dual core :)
#5 9000cody, Apr 29, 2014
Settings>General>About Phone>Software Information>Tap on build number 10-15 times. SHOULD make developer options show up in your general tab. In there there's USB debugging. Hope that helped!
#6 Benji2spooky, Apr 29, 2014
Thanks man, just saw the root link which had that in there. Just gotta backup my old mSD card.
#7 AWaterFountain, Apr 29, 2014
The root guide doesn't work for Metro's version of the phone, they locked the bootloader. We have to wait until someone finds a workaround.
#8 Benji2spooky, Apr 29, 2014
Ya, figured out that pretty quick. It even flashed the little android recovery logo at me for a sec before just starting normally :(.
#9 AWaterFountain, Apr 29, 2014
Thanks very much for the review. I'm really torn between abandoning my LG Motion since it's been rock solid. Most importantly -- at least for me -- is my ability to tether without restriction (on a $55 unlimited plan) using PDANet+. I would really miss the huge internal space on the Motion, but I would easily part with $50 for a larger screen. The Motion is awesome, yeah.. but the OS is getting slightly dated and it does make it hard to read most of the time.

Anybody upgraded from a Motion?
#10 TJayDroid, Apr 30, 2014
I'm considering switching from an LG F6, which has the best battery life I've ever experienced, I usually get anywhere from 10 to 12 hours usage and believe me I'm on this phone practically non stop all day.

My main reason for wanting to switch is the area in which I live has LTE, but it's like Swiss cheese. I do get rock solid LTE in my house, but the downside is the LTE will drop and lag anywhere from 5 to 10 times a day. so if I experience an LTE connection that drops continuously throughout the day while I'm home, and is spotty once I leave home and am driving around my area, it's really pointless to have LTE at this time.
#11 MyUsernameRox, Apr 30, 2014
I got this phone yesterday, I also upgraded from the One Touch Evolve. I LOVE THIS PHONE! The only thing I don't like is the back camera, it's not as good as the evolves, but it makes up for it with a better front camera and flash! If you're considering this phone, DO IT
#12 DMedina559, May 1, 2014
Could someone who owns one please post the processor speed as reported from any program? I've had a motion and a spirit and both were listed on metro with a1.2Ghz processor and both actually had 1.5Ghz stock so I'm just curious if metro has this listed correctly.
#13 exile1975, May 1, 2014
What program?
#14 9000cody, May 1, 2014
Set cpu or any overclocking program should be able to display the processor speed. Also antutu benchmark program would show in the details. Thank you.
#15 exile1975, May 1, 2014
CPU 1190 MHz (2x)
#16 9000cody, May 1, 2014
Also got a score of 12048
#17 9000cody, May 1, 2014
OK thank you. Good to know that even running slower it scores better than a spirit.
#18 exile1975, May 1, 2014
Glad to hear it
#19 9000cody, May 1, 2014
There's one thing i don't like about kitkat, google did something to it so that the external sd is read only

There is an app in play store that fixes it, but requires root
Link: Sd fix
#20 DMedina559, May 3, 2014
Just wanted to say that if i recall correctly when i was researching about this phone it said somewhere...that there are two versions of the l70. One has 8 mp camera and dual sim and the one that metro pcs has 5 mp cam and no dual sim
#21 justoneguy, May 4, 2014
Love the phone. Just wish there was more internal storage and the 4g wasn't throttled so harshly after going over 500gb ... Unlike my former LG Motion 4G.
#22 LocDaBorg, May 8, 2014
I upgraded to the L70 a few days ago from the Motion. It cost me $75 out the door from my local Metro dealer, with a mandatory upgrade to the $50/month plan for the instant rebate.

I really miss the ~5GB internal storage of the Motion, but I have been able to free up some of the L70's space by moving some apps to the SD card with App2SD. The UI is slicker than the Motion's due to KitKat's lower hardware requirements, which has led to better optimization on phones of this spec category. The larger screen is definitely an upgrade, and the phone is physically lighter. However, graphically intensive games ran better on my Motion.

HD video playback is not great, though. Even with a pixel density improvement from the Motion (165 ppi to 207 ppi), there is noticeable pixellation on 720p and above.

Some of the system apps that were disable-able on the Motion are not on the L70, such as Email, Clock Widget, Metro's AppStore, MetroWeb, and Calendar, which is annoying.

I'm thinking about rooting the phone, but I'm hesitant because I haven't rooted a phone before and this one is so new.

Overall, I think the internal memory and video camera quality is downright laughable and makes the phone nearly unusable. But the screen size and KitKat interface make it doable for the price point.
#23 velophilus, May 13, 2014
I will offer a review of the LG Optimus, L 70 phone.
I just bought this phone yesterday to replace my LG Motion that I absolutely loved.
This phone is very similar to the LG Motion.
As far as the apps, yea, I don't like the bloatware. I did disable a few of the apps.
I was also able to save a few of my apps to the sd card.
The battery life is much better than my previous phone.
I bought my phone in a local store for $49.99. With the phone case and activation it came to 89.00.
I understand there will be some possible software upgrades in the future.
I hope this review is helpful for those who are considering purchasing a new phone.
#24 ppglg, May 15, 2014
Coming from the Motion as well and have to agree. Battery consumption is waaaaaaaaaay better.

I purchased it online for $49.99,free 2 day shipping, called in to activate and was forced (beyond all haggling) to upgrade my unlimited $55 account to a $60 "compatible" $60 unlimited account.
#25 TJayDroid, May 19, 2014