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LG Access LTE

Two days later, I've decided it's great. A couple 4.4.2 foibles were cured by who know what in the internet... LG knows how to make droids.
#2 jefboyardee, Nov 7, 2014
I see it only has 4GB of internal storage, how much is actually available?
#3 kate, Nov 8, 2014
In settings, it says 3.95GB Total Space, It also says 2.74 available, but that's after I installed about 125 apps. Anyway, a lot more than I ever has before.
#4 jefboyardee, Nov 9, 2014
[some of] Created with Hardware Info 4.2.2

LGE LGL31L SYSTEM (Android 4.4.2) Model: LGL31L Manufacturer: LGE Device: f70 Product: f70_trf_us Brand: lge Android Version: 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) API Level: 19 Build ID: KOT49I.L31L10d Fingerprint: lge/f70_trf_us/f70:4.4.2/KOT49I.L31L10d/L31L10d.1395147965:user/release-keys DISPLAY (800x480) Size: 800x480 Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Default Orientation: Portrait Physical Size: 4.45" (11.3 cm) Logical Size: Normal Density: 240 dpi (High) Pixels Per Inch: X: 210.21; Y: 209.48 PROCESSOR (ARMv7) Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) Cores: 4 Max Frequency: 1190 Mhz Instruction Sets: armeabi-v7a, armeabi SIMD Instructions: NEON MEMORY (862 MB) System RAM: 862 MB JVM Max Memory: 96 MB Internal Storage: 4048 MB External Storage: 4048 MB (Emulated) BACK CAMERA (4.9 megapixel) SUMMARY Max Picture Size: 2560x1920 (4:3) Zoom: 4x Autofocus: Supported (Continuous) Orientation: 90
#5 jefboyardee, Nov 10, 2014
Here's a more compact LG Access LTE Specs.
#6 jefboyardee, Nov 11, 2014
Report received. See here: http://androidforums.com/threads/new-forum-for-the-lg-access-lte.883339/

Good luck.:)
#7 Unforgiven, Nov 24, 2014
Does anyone know how to get this phone to display the SIM card unlock prompt? I have an unlock code for my device but I can't figure out how to enter it!
#8 spotmadog, Dec 1, 2014
LGL31L - has anyone figured out if this phone can read the giaganticly oversized chinese sdhc cards or if it can read sdxc cards at all. I just ordered a 256 Gb sdhc card for this phone and am curious if anyone else has tried these oversized cards. Kinda wondering if I am going to need to format the card with 2 logical drives in order to compensate for the 128gb fat32 limit. Is this gonna mean I have to wait for root/cyanogen to hit the phone to be able to read 2 logical drives on the card? The manual states only 32Gb limit, but I have a 64Gb card that it reads just fine. If the 256 works i want to go to a 512.
#9 scritchgratch, Dec 5, 2014
also i didn't see that the gpu had been listed in the previous tech spec comments... its an adreno 305
#10 scritchgratch, Dec 8, 2014
does anyone know if there is a root for this phone yet?
#11 demon fox, Dec 8, 2014
There's always Kingo Root, works on 'everything.' It worked for me, enabled me to brick a previous droid ;) -- my fault, not theirs. No idea if it works on this one.
#12 jefboyardee, Dec 9, 2014
LGL31L- Followup.....Just got the 256Gb chinese memory cards in and found that they are all working in all my sdhc devices as a single 250Gb drive after mounting. Just wanted to report this so you can stop wasting money on expensive undersized cards at the checkout. I paid like $15 each for the giant Chinese cards.
#13 scritchgratch, Dec 11, 2014
LGL31L- update. The 256Gb card was a 'fake sd card'. it was an improperly formatted 8gb card. However it was formatted exfat rather than fat32 so im starting to wonder if the phone is sdxc compattible.
#14 scritchgratch, Dec 12, 2014
The name of my phone, and the original subject of this thread, is the LG Access LTE, model number LG L31L. But you appear to be talking about a Chinese SD card, perhaps with almost the same model number... am I missing something?
#15 jefboyardee, Dec 13, 2014
I just got this phone... and i was wondering if screenshots were possible and if they are, how do you take them?
Thank you
#16 Heather Sisler, Dec 14, 2014
Yes, built into the system, but a bit tricky... simultaneously press the Volume-Down and Power buttons for a second or two. Then you'll hear a photo sound and the shot will appear in Pictures/Screenshots.
#17 jefboyardee, Dec 14, 2014
Kingo Root didn't worked for this phone, is there any way to get it carrier unlock ?...I got it from Walmart and it is locked with Straight Talk.
#18 Denim M, Dec 15, 2014
I used towelroot to root mine however there doesn't seem to be any development for this phone atm. I can't even find a stock firmware for it. There's some mention on a Japanese bbs but they want you to pay for the KDZ file. This is what I'm referring to: http://www.lgbbs.com/thread-6625-1-1.html
#19 icdmize, Dec 16, 2014
Great, thanks for sharing, yes towelroot worked for me too, do you know how to get this carrier unlock, seems it is locked with Straight Talk SIM
#20 Denim M, Dec 16, 2014
Where did you get the unlock code ?
#21 Denim M, Dec 16, 2014
Help! I bought this phone for me and it works great. Just got one for my mom, and it is not connecting to the internet. Data is turned on, but the lte icon at the tip is not appearing. Mine is working just fine. We both have straighttalk. I tried turning the data on and off, switching airplane mode on and off, turning phone on and off and resetting to factory settings with no success.
#22 ramnott, Dec 20, 2014
I was attempting to see it there was a memory limit to this phones sd card. The phone will read a SDHC card and appears to work for up to 256Gb+ Upon further reasearch of hte chinesse cards i found out all 256 gb cards are fake at this time. Sandisk makes the largest SDXC card (128 GB) that can be used at this time. I still have not tesed if the phone works with a sdxc fatex formatted card, but it will read a 128 GB Sandisk SDXC fat32 card. ALSO look into how to verify that you have a real sandisk card as there is allot of corporate theft going on in this industry. Whatever you do stay away from kingston....they buy and rebrand all their memory and have allot of reject and fake chips mixed in. But my whole intention was to see if the manual was wrong about the 32gb sd limit....it was wrong. Only thing i have left to test is if the phone has FATEX compatibility to use SDXC cards nativly without reformat.

Also thought I too would confirm that this phone is rootable through towelroot found at towelroot.com
#23 scritchgratch, Dec 21, 2014

Yes it is rootable with towelroot, I did mine 2 weeks ago cheers !!
#24 Denim M, Dec 24, 2014
I'm new to smartphones and I bought lg l31l and I need to unlock it too. The is a a program /system/apps/Hidden/SIMUnlockMenu.apk in the software list and it appears the code is already in place. Anybody know how to compile/run the program? It looks like a possible solution.

#25 DennisBeagley, Dec 26, 2014