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Root LG F60 MetroPCS (MS395) Base ROM - Testing!

Here's the latest version of ROM. Testers needed :)

Once I receive positive feedback, I will update the title and OP with more details.

% Make sure to have TWRP backup ready before install this.


Booting, Setup
4G LTE, Wifi, Camera
Super SU, Busy Box, App store
Zipaligned, Deodexed

Not Working
Not found so far


#1 Bard, May 13, 2015 Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
Maybe you should get rid of the hash tag at the beginning of line 2 :)

Also this will assume that the user will be wiping data and caches before/after running the zip?
"/system/vendor/*" need set permissions too?
#2 Incakola, May 13, 2015 Last edited: May 13, 2015
#3 sammyz, May 13, 2015
Thanks! I will try them.
#4 Bard, May 14, 2015
Can't wait for this stock ROM to drop. I flashed a custom ROM which crashes my camera (known bug), and, being the noob that I am, I didn't make a nandroid backup. So I need to return to stock KitKat for my LG Optimus F60. ✌
#5 WesleyMontenegro, May 19, 2015
@Bard Are you working on firmware V10d or V10e (firmware OTA update for 10e is not out for some reason).
#6 Incakola, May 25, 2015 Last edited: May 26, 2015
This is 10D because it's based on Jack Mickey's TWRP backup.
#7 Bard, May 26, 2015
Code (Text):
  1. set_perm_recursive(0, 2000, 0755, 0644, "/system/vendor");
  2. set_perm_recursive(0, 2000, 0755, 0755, "/system/vendor/bin");
  3. set_perm_recursive(0, 2000, 0755, 0644, "/system/vendor/etc");
  4. set_perm_recursive(0, 0, 0755, 0644, "/system/vendor/firmware");
  5. set_perm(0, 2000, 0755, "/system/vendor/firmware");
  6. set_perm(0, 2000, 0755, "/system/vendor/lib");
  7. set_perm(0, 2000, 0755, "/system/vendor/lib/hw");
permission sets for system files are pretty universal right?
#8 Incakola, Jun 3, 2015
Also updater scripts are supplied from the repo your building from and not the source right?
#9 Incakola, Jun 3, 2015
Actually updater scripts are made from Android Kitchen, and I modified a bit.
#10 Bard, Jun 4, 2015
Any estimated time when this ROM will be available to be download and installed?
#11 WesleyMontenegro, Jun 4, 2015
Bard, do you have a download for this?
#12 Angablade, Jun 7, 2015
Here's WIP version of ROM. You are more than welcome to test & modify.
But be ware that THIS IS NOT WORKING ROM. It will make your phone boot stuck.

#13 Bard, Jun 8, 2015
I am willing to try my friend. Can you access twrp from boot?
#14 Angablade, Jun 8, 2015
You will probably have to completely turn your phone off (battery off) then do the Download mode -> recovery boot.
#15 Bard, Jun 8, 2015
At work right now. Wanna try for me?
#16 Angablade, Jun 8, 2015
Sure let me know if you need any log / file :)
#17 Bard, Jun 9, 2015
Can you get it to go into recovery from boot?
#18 Angablade, Jun 9, 2015
Probably not. You probably have to activate the download mode then do the fastboot command with TWRP image file to boot into the recovery mode.
#19 Bard, Jun 9, 2015
Go into download mode and pass it "reboot recovery"
#20 Angablade, Jun 9, 2015
Still working on it :)
I got it up to boot working & set up complete but it's missing some components like Camera (ughh...) and signal not working.
It seems like missing symlinks or something.. I will keep it updated.
#21 Bard, Jun 16, 2015
Any way to downgrade my lg f60 from 5.0 lolipop back to kitkat.?
#22 jayshuttles34, Jun 18, 2015
the best way is download TWRP backup and restore. Because there's no KK ROM available yet.

Download these files, then place them @ external SD card

For more information please check Incacola's guide here. Look for ROMs section
#23 Bard, Jun 19, 2015
Being the noob I am, I didn't make a backup. Would this work to revert back to original kk? I flashed CM12 thinking I wouldn't need a camera, but oh boy was I wrong.
#24 WesleyMontenegro, Jun 19, 2015
Yes this will work...boot into twrp and make a simple backup of efs and name the backup instead of autoname. Make sure its listed in restore, if not do another backup of efs and it will show in restore (remember to name your backups differently). Boot back into Android and move the twrp files you downloaded into the listed backup (twrp/backups/#SN/name of backup) then boot back into recovery and make sure to check restore list if the new files are detected (system and boot). If listed, format your /system,/data,/cache,dalv partitions using rm-fr format in advance settings of twrp. Format (don't format internal and external), restore, and reboot.
#25 Incakola, Jun 19, 2015 Last edited: Jun 19, 2015