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Support LG G2 froze during Firmware Update.

I have a LG G2 with Verizon which was 2 updates behind. I contacted Verizon when my phone wouldn't update and they told me to plug it into my computer and update from there. Well, my phone was plugged in from 11am until 11pm and I was in constant contact with Verizon the entire time on Facebook message. They kept telling me to leave it plugged in sometimes it takes awhile. My phone screen was black and white and said, Firmware Update DO NOT UNPLUG the USB connection until the process is complete. Under that it said 0% eventually Verizon told me to contact LG who then told me to unplug it anyways and restart it. I did, and now two days later my phone screen still says Firmware Update DO NOT UNPLUG the USB connection...etc. So I took it to Verizon and the guy took one look at it and said it was a bad hard drive and the phone was trash so I needed a new one. Well I can't get an upgrade and have no warranty. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. Tell me there is some magical way to fix my phone!?!?!?


#1 Android Question, Nov 12, 2015
They don't have hard drives, so if the rep actually said that, he is incompetent.
Take it to another Verizon center ( not a kiosk in a store ).
#2 glc, Nov 12, 2015
I did take it to a actual Verizon store. Not a Kiosk and they had two people look at it and tell me its basically trash. There was nothing they can do. But they didn't even try anything. They looked at the Firmware Update screen and said yep, your phone is no good would you like to upgrade today? Uhhh no save my phone. But they said there was nothing they could do.
#3 shann29, Nov 12, 2015
Was the device rooted? I don't see why you couldn't use a Kdz file to get it up and running.
#4 James L, Nov 12, 2015
No it was not rooted.
#5 shann29, Nov 12, 2015
You could try the software repair option on the Verizon Software update and repair tool.
#6 Jfalls63, Nov 12, 2015
Yeah I did that by it wouldn't do it. I kept clicking repair and nothing. I am going to try in another computer.
#7 shann29, Nov 12, 2015
I had a old Spectrum that I trashed the software a few times trying to get a custom recovery. As long as I could get it into download mode the repair tool would fix it. Only thing I like about Verizon.
#8 Jfalls63, Nov 12, 2015