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Support Lg G2 wont turn on

I plugged in my phone last night, but before going to bed I always restart it inorder to close out all those pesky little background tasks, it didnt turn back on ever. This morning I tried plugging it into a different outlet with a different charge for an hour, tried vol- power and holding power for 5 minutes. Is there anyway to hardreset without having to turn on the device?



#1 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
For the sake of curiosity, try holding volume up (and continue to hold it) while at the same time plugging the phone into the charge cable. This should get you into download mode. Let's see if that's working at least.

Other possibility is to try a factory reset using a button press combo. Interested in hearing the results of the download mode first though.
#2 iowabowtech, Apr 10, 2014
Sometimes a phone that has drained down pretty far, won't wake up right away when putting it back on charge.

I would try using a SLOW charger, or a USB port on a PC, with a cable you know works well. Let it charge for an hour and try powering it up then.
#3 stef7, Apr 10, 2014
Cant enter download mode. I tried charging from USB port on pc and no go, although the phone does warm up a bit while its plugged in.

oh and last night before I went to bed it had 70ish % battery left so I highly highly doubt its out of battery.
#4 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
Oh, OK, so you charged it slow via USB port and it was warm.

Hmm, wondering if screen / illumination source broken.

Possibly perform a reset (I'm out of ideas)? Hold VOL DOWN, and press and hold PWR. Release them when you see the softkeys light up. WARNING, you will loose personal data.
#5 stef7, Apr 10, 2014
it gets fairly warm with normal charging(like as warm as a flashdrive does if you write a gig to it), slow charge its so minor it might be in my head. I cant vol- pwr to reset it. otherwise I would have done that :p ive held them for 5 minutes or so with no luck.
#6 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
How about pull the battery out take out the Sims card if you have one leave out for a total of 5minutes . put back together and try to turn on or hard reset .
#7 BRAINZ2013, Apr 10, 2014
I am afraid you have a hardware failure. :(
#8 iowabowtech, Apr 10, 2014
At 1st,I thought your comment was directed @ the previous post,LOL :D

All kidding aside,you're probably correct.The heating,in addition to the blank screen, is indicative of a hardware failure.
#9 KOLIO, Apr 10, 2014
Cant do that without nearly destroying the phone, honestly I dont even know how to disassemble this thing as there arent any visible screws or such like with iphones lol.
#10 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
Yea I was afraid of that, at least it should still be under warranty, seems as if there is no way at all to pull any data off of it either which is sorta lucky, sorta bad, as i lost my contacts and photos, but at least that should wipe the stuff saying it was rooted right?
#11 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
When you bought it in the box should've been a tiny LG key, that is what you use to take it apart I believe, look it up on YouTube.


LG G2 (D802) How to remove the backcover / Disass…: http://youtu.be/qBrXRs9j5jY
#12 OrKo, Apr 10, 2014
That's why I asked to remove battery it works and known to happen .
#13 BRAINZ2013, Apr 10, 2014
Could you link me to some cases of this working? and is it visible that it has been opened?
Honestly Im a bit scared that its something I cant fix and that by opening it theyll refuse warranty and then Im screwed as there is no way at all I could afford a new phone.
#14 shallburn1, Apr 10, 2014
If your under warranty and I was you. I would not be on the forums posting still I would be in line at the local carrier store to either get my 600.00 device sent to me from united parcel or over night . waisting time will get your warranty device removed and will need to spend 600.00 for a new one or sit watching how to fix a nonresponsive lg g2 .
#15 BRAINZ2013, Apr 10, 2014
Are you in the US?
Go to a VZW corporate store, or perhaps your point of purchase and get it replaced.

DO NOT attempt to open the back of it to manipulate the battery.
#16 stef7, Apr 10, 2014
You all are missing the big picture. Rooted phone, so technically I have no warranty, so I like the prospect of fixing anything myself so as to not end up with a surprise bill in the end. So if there is something that wont be physically noticeable and will fix it then that is a great solution, if the device is busted past the point of any hope and they wont be able to retrieve that it was rooted then I definitely don't want to be poking around with it....

also I am going to be phone less for a week due to this rather than a quick fix, and for someone who receives quite a few business related phone calls, uses the calendar as a daily planner, and many other uses it is a big deal to be without it longer than I need to be. (nearest place I can take it to replace it, assuming warranty is still valid, is more than 70 miles away)
#17 shallburn1, Apr 11, 2014
You not understanding what we are saying or been through . I had a rooted device lg esteem was rooted for a few months I flashed something that bricked it bad . tried everything went to the corporate store they tried everything . the corporate store told me don't worry be happy you have full warranty I had the biggest relief I went home with a new phone . once they get the device back on they will need to do a FDR and wipe and repair the software. Basically refurbished software. And if you have the insurance you keep the broken stuff and they can overnight your new one .
#18 BRAINZ2013, Apr 11, 2014
we can't see the big picture if you withhold pertinent information... now you've shed some light on your problem.

you can't manipulate the mode your phone might be in, without being able to see what you are doing. that may make the following difficult, but you should still try: try to find the LG Mobile Support Tool, download it and see if it can see your phone, and put back onto it the standard OEM load if it can.

if not, I'm not sure what to advise, except taking your phone into a VZW corporate store, and having them try to do something with it.

good luck.
#19 stef7, Apr 11, 2014
This is why I asked you in post #2 if you can get into download mode and you said you could not. You would need that working in order to flash the phone with stock firmware.

There is one other possible option if you want to look into it but its not a cake walk:

[FIX] NO Recovery mode, No download mode, after OTA on rooted LG G2 - xda-developers

That was written for the D802 so if you have a different variant, you'd need different files than those listed. And it depends if your device is being recognized whatsoever as mentioned there and you need to be running Linux.

I would personally roll the dice with a return but if you want to give that a go, I can likely provide the necessary files for your variant.
#20 iowabowtech, Apr 11, 2014
the Power button and plugging the charger solved it for mre. Problem that was a endless start up Logo and varm phone.
#21 Mikalek, May 25, 2016
I was freaking out, internally; ready to take my LG G2's back off and go on a frantic search through the junk drawer in the kitchen for the eyeglass screwdriver to see if that would remove the battery so I could see the mother board, but after numerous worried charger plugins and tests with different cords AND wall pieces, I finally decided to do some googling. Thanks to my patience with the internet, I found this forum and read through it. Thanks to your suggestion, stef7, I held down not only the power button but I also had my finger over VOL DOWN and in the normal minute or so it takes to turn on, I saw the LED flash red and my phone turned on. I freaked after the usual 0% image didn't show and thought it wasn't charging but it turns out it was really just that dead for the first time in ever and had gotten itself to 7% during all of the time I spent plugging and unplugging. -hugs you for helping me fix my phone- Now to let these butterflies (of stress relief) dissipate.
#22 m31i, May 26, 2016

Hey Man,

I was facing the same problem from this evening. Luckily i found the right solowuion and done the same process a su did and my phone is working fine how. Thanks all for the ideas
#23 Kiran Reddy, Sep 17, 2016