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Support LG G3 Sluggish, Hot, & Randomly Rebooting

I feel like I can source all these issues to happening after the lollipop update. I know the wifi sync issues haven't been resolved, but I'm unsure if the phone being sluggish, getting warmer than it should, and rebooting at various times are also a result of the update. The battery drains ridiculously fast and when I say the phone is sluggish, I mean it runs like a really old computer at times and gets hung up or the screen turns black through normal use. None of this is constant, but it's happening enough now to where I decided to post here and see if anyone had any feedback.

I am on Verizon and am not rooted if that helps at all. Thanks in advance for any potential advice.


#1 WholeFnShow, May 27, 2015
Lollipop has been the demise of many devices now, not just the G3. Battery drain, heat, etc are reported on many.

In my opinion, Google may have begun to truly show their downward trend in software updates. There's no excuse for LG/Google to not have sent out patches to fix the terrible problems people are having.
#2 chmodx, May 28, 2015
I completely agree. The whole situation is pretty ridiculous and if it is true that there won't be a patch for 3 months, then that is even worse and asking way too much of your paying customers.
#3 WholeFnShow, May 28, 2015
after killing a number of apps, messenger, FB, few others, then reloading them my g3 straightened up and hasn't given any issues since.
#4 bulldog12, May 31, 2015
I too am having these problems.
Phone locks up, gets very hot and battery will only last 4-6 hours unless it is on battery saving.

I am currently on my 4th replacement, just waiting for them to decide if they are willing to switch me to a different handset altogether.

It's a shame because I love the phone.
The camera is really good and I especially like the screen quality and size but it can get virtually unusable some days.
#5 pagdodd, Jun 2, 2015
I'm still on KITKAT, rooted, and very happy with my phone. I will never update to Lollipop.
#6 Texas501, Jun 2, 2015
I am having the same issues, how can determine which version I have?
#7 Rick Nelson, Jun 2, 2015
The update has caused so many problems. It is very sluggish, battery drain from the constant location search, Wi-Fi sync... Seriously ridiculous. What's worse, is that on my wife's GS5, when she updated her Wi-Fi constantly shuts off without notice. We used 7gb of data this month (1gb over our plan) because of it since she streams a lot of video while at home. In the last 2 years we have never used more than 2gb. That on top of my ESPN, Gmail and Snapchat only giving me notifications once I leave my house, I'm sure.
#8 aachterhof, Jun 2, 2015
@ Rick. Go to settings, about phone, software information. There you will find what version you're running.
#9 Texas501, Jun 2, 2015
I was told a couple of weeks ago, by an enterprise tech at verizon, the fix for the WiFi issue would be a small update, and would not be out until fall. Reportedly, LG for the last few months said they were unable to duplicate the issue. (Because they probably had working IPV6 in house) So, they are just now starting to work on the update. And you know when Verizon gets it, they will sit on it for a couple of more months. Testing? Just like the heavy testing they did with the current disaster of an update. We were one of the last to get the update, and to be the worst one of all the carriers is just plain stupid.
#10 matty032, Jun 2, 2015
And the vast majority of those complaints disappear if you clear cache from recovery, or do a factory data reset.
#11 EarlyMon, Jun 2, 2015