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Support Lg l9 problem with charging

My phone is saying that is slow charging due to electric current ta/usb connection I have only had this phone for 2 months can anyone help


#1 mls3211, Sep 24, 2013
Well, if you're charging via USB from a computer then this is normal. USB ports don't carry the maximum voltage a straight wall outlet AC adapter would.

Android OS is smart enough to recognize it's charging via USB and simply notifying you that it is slow charging. Plug it into a standard AC adapter and you'll not only get a faster recharge but you also won't see the notification. It's normal.
#2 mario0318, Sep 25, 2013
If you are using the electrical charger in the house unplug from the phone and plug back in a few times. I have had it say that with my car charger sometimes when I first plug it in but if I take it out and plug back it will beep and charge normally but never had it happen with the house charger. It will do that with USB though as sated. If none of that works then maybe the charging port is going. Mary
#3 acraftylady, Sep 27, 2013
Man, It depends on the brand of charger that you use. You try other brand of charger
#4 Yamalito, Nov 26, 2013
This happens quite a bit to my Optimus L9 too. Usually unplugging and replugging fixes the problem. It annoys me when that message comes up. I wonder if it's software related. I am also using an OEM LG charger that came with my phone.
#5 jm101, Nov 27, 2013
Hello man, so you need to change the charger port . the charger port is wrong. If you will change it, let me know if works again very good . God bless 'u
#6 Yamalito, Nov 27, 2013