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LG Optimus Showtime or Huawei Ascend Plus?

All I would like to know is why is the LG $50 more ($200) than the Huawei?? The LG has a bigger screen but the Huawei has a dual core processor. Both phones use Verizon towers. It seems like most if not all the specs are the same. Can any of you smart people tell me some differences I must have overlooked please? :)

Here's the box specs for the LG:
Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime

Here's the box specs for the Huawei:
Straight Talk Huawei Ascend Plus (h881c)

Thanks! :)


#1 ThatonedudexP, May 30, 2013
Quite likely its the name, Huawei are known for cheaper phones, both in price and in quality.
Some models are good (enough) and the cheaper price is great but some are junk.
#2 new optimus, May 31, 2013
Huawei is also fighting ongoing image issues: Huawei - Wikipedia
#3 DarkJedi, May 31, 2013
Thank you both for replying! :) If anyone has any other thoughts please feel free to share. I figured the $50 more was mostly due to brand name. I didn't know about their issues. :O
#4 ThatonedudexP, May 31, 2013
Seems to me the Huawei runs smother vs the LG.
I got rid of the Huawei and got the LG. Now I'm staring to have 2nd thoughts.
#5 NecroHexed, Jun 19, 2013
Well I have had this phone for almost a month. Runs pretty smooth. Yes it has a front facing camera and seems to do skype video calls flawlessly. My main gripe is the SD memory, or lack of... It has a SD micro slot under the cover, just above the battery. The phone reads (while this slot is empty) that there is already a 2GB card in the phone. I tried to add a 16GB micro card to this slot and it doesn't read it no matter what I do. Since this phone is still new I haven't ran into anyone else having this problem but maybe someone else has an answer.

(UPDATE) Well apparently I had the card formatted wrong, eFAT. I reformatted it to FAT32 and default settings while plugged into a WIN7 PC and now the SD micro card works perfect in it. I cant say I have any complaints at all about the phone now.
#6 prothink, Jun 21, 2013
I bought 3 Huawei Ascend Plus phones about 2 weeks ago when I bailed contract carriers. I thought I did my homework well researching in my spare time all the phones and different prepaid plans. I do have to say I'm very impressed with the responsiveness of the phone and how smooth it feels. However, getting back to the sdcard mentioned above, I bought three 32 gb sdcards and found I cannot move movable programs to it. When I try to move them an icon pops up and says it failed. I am curious if your able to move programs to the sdcard ok? The phone accepted my sdcard with no hassle, just seems to be mostly unuseable, this is especially important because internal memory on this phone is almost nothing.
#7 Kalgor, Jun 23, 2013
Thank you, thank you and thank you (all three of you haha) for replying. I'm glad the Ascend plus received good reviews from each of you all. I decided to get the Ascend within the upcoming weeks. I already have an unused 2gb SD card from my old phone. I'll have to tinker with that. If anyone has anymore comments then please post them(!) because there's still hardly none at all on Google. There's tons for the Showtime, but not for the Plus. :(
#8 ThatonedudexP, Jul 5, 2013
I have a Optimus Showtime and it is Great! I fell in love with it and use it everyday with no problems. Very easy user interface and is way better than other phones Straight talk offers. Only problem is no WiFi hotspot :( but other than that great phone!
#9 TearzDylan, Jul 5, 2013
Not real sure about the plus but the wife and I both have the ascend II and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. We have had them only about 4 months and hers randomly calls whoever is in her contact list, and mine will not recognise the sd card anymore, it is like it is not even there. I tried it in another phone and it works fine.

I am getting ready to buy the LG showtime and give it a try.
#10 rock9175, Jul 11, 2013
I got the huawei ascend plus. So far its been a great phone. Had it a month now. I rooted it and also set my default app location to the sd card. Have my back up done(with titanium root). The only thing is that typing on google chrome is a bit choppy. I have a 32gb card in it. Have a few movies and it plays them all fine with mx player. Now you have to remember this isn't a s4 or Xone. It's a cheap phone and for the money its a great bargain.

Now l use this phone for a phone mostly and bluetooth teather my internet to my note 8.0. So l use my phone for other stuff only when l don't have my tablet
#11 efanatic, Jul 15, 2013
Thank you TearzDylan, rock9175, and efanatic for replying! :) I appreciate the replies. TearzDylan, I'm not surprised the phone isn't able to do a wifi hotspot. I think ST took that feature away from all their phones. Rock9175, yeah I've heard some pretty scary stories like yours concerning Huawei phones. So far, it doesn't seem the Ascend Plus is one of those phones haha. Thanks for the info, efanatic. :) I'm glad to hear everything's up and running for you.

So far, it appears the Galaxy Showtime and Ascend Plus are still the two top *Verizon using* Straight Talk phones. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. I planned on having the Plus by now, but, alas, college tuition got in the way. :( That's not really a problem since my Proclaim's still kicking it a year and two months later. :D The only negative things (personally) I've read about the Plus is that it has the same amount of RAM as my Proclaim (which is kind of a big negative since I'm hogging most of my RAM on my Proclaim), and that the Plus has a plastic screen. My Precedent has a plastic screen, and oh. my. gosh. that was a nightmare. But like efanatic said, it's still a great buy at $150. :) Just out of curiosity, has anyone had screen scratching issues with the Plus? Thanks! :)
#12 ThatonedudexP, Aug 7, 2013
FWIW, I have a 32 gigger in my h881c & apps xfer to it w/0 problem. My main gripe with the phone is the same as yours -- internal memory might as well not be there. I'm dang tired of getting the imbecilic "insufficient space available" insult whenever I try to add an app. Having this spit-little available (actually less than 100 megs open for apps) when I have a huge 32 gig backyard, is a royal slap in the face.
#13 bnichols23, Sep 10, 2013
I dont have a screen protector on mine and luckly l haven't had a scratch yet. I was very worried about it being the screen was plastic.

Now being it has low ram it takes a bit longer to open apps than say my htc evo 3d, droid bionic, razor m, or my tablets do/did. Give it a second and it works fine. That has taken a little to get used to

There was an update to chrome and the choppyness is now gone. Makes browsing the internet a much better experience.
#14 efanatic, Sep 10, 2013
Yeah, ST seems to be really grouchy about tethering. I can't for the LIFE of me see why! [mock-innocent look, arch eyes waaaayyy skyward]. Reasonably happy with the Plus so far, & haven't run into any throttle-back issues ... at least not yet. }}:)

One of the first things I did on ours was to add screen protectors.
#15 bnichols23, Sep 10, 2013
Thanks for the replies bnichols23 and efanatic! :) Bnichols23, I'm glad you aren't having issues with the SD card. Maybe ST fixed the problem. :O Isn't the internal memory on the Ascend something like 2gb? And I'm sure your throttle will come soon enough... *insert evil laugh here* :p Thank you for the update, efanatic. I'm glad the choppiness is gone. :)

BTW, about a month ago, I decided to purchase the LG Optimus Showtime mainly because of its gorilla glass screen. Granted, I purchased it for many other reasons, too, but I decided to buy it instead of the Ascend Plus mainly because I wouldn't have to worry with screen protectors. I don't really like screen protectors... I'm odd. Anyways, I'm not sure if the Showtime is being discontinued or what, but about the time I purchased mine (end of August) all the four Walmarts around me said the item was discontinued... I finally found one Walmart that said their computers showed the item as discontinued, but they DID order 12 more. I drove down there and immediately bought one of the 12. :p Anyways I'm going to activate it today and finally retire from my Proclaim. I haven't downloaded any apps yet, but oh.my.gosh I love the bigger screen. 0_0 It has a tad bit more RAM than the Plus, so that helps a little.

Also, I'm not sure if the Showtime had been reduced at all (bc I haven't seen any for a month), but the Plus HAS been reduced to $130. :)

If anyone has any other comments, feel free to share them! :)
#16 ThatonedudexP, Sep 25, 2013
I have the showtime and as said it runs via verizon towers, but the closest tower is about 20-25 miles away from me. can i change towers or something I dont even have the phone activated just stuck with wifi for now n it sucks. I love this phone and got a heavyduty case to ensure i keep it safe. I really want to use it OUTSIDE of my house lol
#17 queenie1104, Sep 26, 2013
I've heard of ways to switch towers with Straight Talk, but I don't know how or if you really can. My Showtime is doing good, but the battery only charges to 98%... OH, in the task manager, apps stay running after I close them which MURDERS my RAM. -___- I.E., everytime I hang up from a call or close my contacts, they (the phone call and contacts 'apps') stay running until I go to task manager and close them manually. My Proclaim was never like this. Does anyone know why it's doing this?
#18 ThatonedudexP, Sep 26, 2013
I have had the showtime before and I had so may problems with it it's unreal! My battery would only charge to 98 percent every time I charged it. my RAM would be taken up by useless apps. every android game I tried to play it lagged. this was unacceptable so I take it back and get a refund and got the huawei ascend plus. the Huawei ascend plus always charge to 100% percent and play the game very smoothly. even though the phone that I have now has less RAM the showtime it is not taking up my useless applications. if I were you I would take the Showtime back and get the ascend plus.
#19 shadowsl4yer, Sep 28, 2013
Another thing I would like to add Is that i left my phone on all night last night and my phone was like at 70% and I woke up at and it was at 70% and I had 3g running all night and I had a lot of apps running in the background. So all I am saying Is that the Huawei ascend plus has a great battery. :)
#20 shadowsl4yer, Sep 28, 2013
Thanks, shadowsl4yer for the feedback. I don't think I can take it back because it's been more than 30 days. I think the Showtime has been discontinued. A lot of people are saying they can't find it. Straight Talk has recently released four more Verizon running Androids: the Unimax MaxBravo, and the ZTE Valet, Savvy, and Majesty. The first two seem low end, definitely the Unimax which is running gingerbread... The Savvy is mid-level, and the Majesty is upper-ish-level. The Majesty might even be compared to the Showtime. I need a comparison chart now, haha. :p
#21 ThatonedudexP, Oct 14, 2013
Im looking at the majesty as my ascend plus replacement.
#22 efanatic, Oct 16, 2013
Keep us up to date! :)
#23 ThatonedudexP, Nov 8, 2013
I got the majesty and had it almost a month now and love it. Much better phone than the ascend plus. Its more like a higher end phone instead of a nicer cheap one. It doesnt lag or anything. My only complaint with it is the screan sensitivity. Not as sensitive as the huawei. You have to press a little harder. Other than that its really nice
#24 efanatic, Nov 8, 2013
Anyone care to help me root my h881
#25 nick_hapdr, Dec 14, 2013