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Line App Recovering account

Hello dear members,

I have Samsung SM-G610F(J7 Prime) mobile phone. I had Line app installed in it. But my Line app had only my phone number. I didnt need an email to login my Line account. After a while I had to upgrade Android version 6 to 7(Nougat). I removed the apps before upgrade because I needed space for Android Nougat(1.25 gb). After upgrade, I did wipe data to clean setup. You know some phones need it after android version upgrade. But the problem is now when Im trying to login Line app, it thinks that its a different phone. Its keep to saying that I need email to login on different device. But its the same phone. And I wrote the Line for that but they keep saying me that I need to create new account. But I dont want to lose my contacts. I really, really need them so much. What can I do for that. I can prove that was my account with every knowledge of me.


#1 ugurcan709, Apr 13, 2018 at 9:20 AM